Twisted Lemon Mojito

Although this drink was created especially for the Mexican Themed party, i felt it was good to test the water and get a few more comments from other people as well. Either way, here is the recipe i used for this night…

Twisted Lemon Mojito

I prefer to use a good golden rum, and bacardi is as good as any (although Havana Club is by far the best)
I prefer to use a good golden rum, and bacardi is as good as any (although Havana Club is by far the best)


–          60ml White rum

–          25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (use a lemon vodka if you have it at hand)

–          25ml sugar syrup

–          6-8 Mint leaves

–          ½ lime (& Juice)

–          Lemonade to top


Muddle the lime, lemon juice and sugar syrup with the mint leaves in a glass)

Add the rum and a little ice, stir gently.

Fill rest of glass with ice.

Top up with lemonade and serve.


This cocktail recipe is a well thought out recipe I first used at the “shindig south of the border” event (see my main blog page). I know that this cocktail works and whilst this is a slightly different recipe from that night (using lemon juice rather than absolut lemon vodka) it still had enough of a lemon kick to make it a great cocktail. Second only to the bucks fizz Wallbanger, this was one of the best loved recipes of the night and was made on a smaller scale for several people. Overall this cocktail has made it through a couple of events now and I feel I should keep it as a ‘calling card’ at any event I cater for.

The lemon, although subtle at first, helps keep the drink fresh and fruity but with enough kick in it at the end of the mouthful to really stamp its mark. You always get the lime and mint from any mojito, but this adds a subtle layering of lemon under the lime flavours, and then you get the slightly bitter sweet tastes at the end. Whilst not always completely ‘nice’ I feel its this little note of bitterness that makes the drink so great. It makes it different and also keeps it in demand – as was the case most of time at both events.

It’s definitely becoming my favourite homemade recipe and I will definitely be taking it out at any upcoming events I have planned. The recipe above is free for you guys to use, in the hope that you will let me know what you think of it! Whether you love it or hate it (or if you’re just indifferent) any comments on it are welcomed! Thank you.

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