Anguilla Fruit Spritzer

This is the cocktail that failed miserably… Please change its recipe, tweak it, and just well make it better! The pineapple was poor quality and the resulting colour from mixing in the Angostura Bitters was not pleasant. The taste was not bad but not good enough for a cocktail if im honest.

Anguilla Fruit Spritzer

Ingredients: (serves 2)

–          2 measures Gin

–          1 measure Lime Juice

–          1 measure sugar syrup

–          3 measures pineapple juice

–          ½ measure lime sherbert

–          1 dash angostura bitters

–          Lime wedge to garnish

–          Top up with Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Prosecco Conegliano


Build all the ingredients in a pitcher.

Add a small amount of ice and stir heavily. Fill to the top with ice.

Top up with Prosecco just before serving.


This was the disaster of evening in all honesty. It really suffered from a lack of quality ingredients, especially in relation to the pineapple juice.

Whilst it was workable without the sherbert, the used of sugar syrup and lime to counter the loss very much combined with its less than savoury look (with the angostura it took up a very nasty cloudy dull orange). But the taste was not all bad, the pineapple juice was by far the biggest fault, not helped any by the fact it was not freshly squeezed. A general feeling is that this would have been much better with apple juice and the sherbet removed from the drink entirely (if it must be used, use it as a garnish – maybe it could rim the glass?).

What do you think?

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