Parisian Mule

Parisian Mule
A visual representation of what your mule should look like, along with two of the main ingredients… Lime & Ginger Ale/Beer…


–          50ml Vodka

–          25ml Cassis

–          25ml Lime Juice

–          Top up ginger ale


Build in a glass and serve over ice, stir just before serving.

Garnish with a lime wedge.


This cocktail recipe is purely so as to make the most of the Cassis bought for the party. It doesn’t quite result in an instant classic (although it works surprisingly well!) but the ginger ale does cause the cassis to blend well with the lime. In all truthfulness this cocktail recipe should work on every level. Vodka and cassis have a history of working well together, as does the lime with all the ingredients. The sweetness added to the drink by the cassis is combated by the lime juice and measured well by the dryness of the ginger ale. Overall this drink provides a great refreshing mix, but also it makes you think, and that’s not really a bad thing now is it?

Same goes for this cocktail, experiment, let me know what you think and if you think you have improved it any! Thanks again guys n gals!


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