About the Fervent Shaker

About the Fervent Shaker…WP_000213 (2)

I love cocktails. I love Vodka, I love Tequila, and I love Rum. Oh how I Love Rum!

So, my name is Dan and I live in the UK, around 90 minutes from London [by train]. I live in a quaint, little seaside town that has a penchant for bars (not all of them are great). I love mixing things up at home and I’ve got a cupboard full of various spirits and liqueurs (as well as a plethora of other ingredients) that are dying t be used in various cocktail recipes.

I love experimenting with new products but my favourite cocktail will always be a classic Tiki Mai Tai (but I do love a well-executed Cuba Libre equally as much). This blog primarily focuses on cocktail recipes but will, time to time, include posts on spirits, related products, bar reviews, and even event-related posts when they’re relevant.

My message is simple: Through recipes, and product related posts, I hope to inspire you to take a chance and try a cocktail you’ve never had before. The best thing is, you really don’t need to spend a fortune either – a fact I’ll share through offers and bargains (where relevant).So, whether it’s a single new recipe you want to try or a collection of recipes for a shindig, keep an eye out because there will plenty of information to help you along the way!

If you would like any further information on any post or just want to get involved: Please feel free to leave a polite and respectful comment in the relevant section below each post/page!

Or, failing that, you can request further information via the contact application form found below. Please give as much information as you can so I can answer all queries as fully as possible. However, please note that I do work outside of this blog and whilst I aim to reply to all enquiries within 48hrs, there can sometimes be a delay.

Thanks for reading and remember to always drink responsibly!

18 thoughts on “About the Fervent Shaker”

  1. Hey Daniel,. You’ve got a great blog going here including terrific photography. Keep it going! Thanks for liking my Elder Statesman II. I have some other great cocktails, too. Some original, some classic.

    1. Thank you, not all the photography is mine, I have a friend that helps out, I’ll pass on your compliments however! Thanks! I love your recipe, and your blog is equally as awesome! I shall keep a track of your cocktails especially!

      1. Im currently residing in Thanet (a little pocket of about 4/5 towns) in south east kent. Thank you, if im honest some are stock photos from the internet, but some are also my own so I’ll take that compliment! Thanks 😀

    1. I can’t said I’ve had much experience in cocktail dresses. Although I’m not adverse to looking at them – depending on whose wearing them? 😛
      Now if they made dresses that smelt and tasted like NY favourite Daiquiri – that might be a different story 😀

      1. Hang on. Now there’s an idea! Daiquiris and tequila + edible cocktail dresses? There’s bound to be a market for that! 😀

      2. Edible cocktail dresses? Made of what though? I’d like to be the first consumer. 😛

      3. You know I’m not terribly sure I have an answer for that one… Maybe a really dense lime flavoured sugar paper? 😀

      4. Oh no a failed plan 😦 I thought it was a winner. Well how about this: wasps don’t bother us here in the UK from September – February. How about the same idea but as scarves or gloves? I still think its salvageable (I’m already pouring rum over my scarf) haha

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