A Temporary (forced) Hiatus

Hello, everyone!

First, let me thank everyone who has been a return reader to my cocktail blog!

Second, let me thank every single person who’s ever read, commented on, or shared one of my articles!

I’ve been quiet for a month or two now – mainly because I’ve been working on a few other things (cocktail related) and preparing my Christmas posts.

However, I’ve been forced into a moving of homes quite suddenly. All is well and I’ll be moved in shortly, but as many of you know, the process of such a short-term move means amenities like tv/phone/internet are a hard commodity to get sorted quickly.

As such, my new house has no current phone line, and therefore no internet. Being the time of year as it currently is (Seasons Greetings) the phone company cannot get out until early in the new year.

So, the short story is that I shall be without the internet for anywhere from 1-4 weeks. It is crap and I genuinely had plenty of ideas to share with you this Christmas. The fact is, alongside my relatively time-consuming work-life and my just as important personal life, i just havent had the time to get the posts ready. I haven’t even been able to get them ready enough to shcedule whilst i’m out of commision! [insert sad face here]…

I will work on some posts for the new year and when I’m able to, I shall be back with an abundance of cocktail recipes and other fun items for you all!

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse my blog, using keywords for your favourite spirits/cocktails and enjoy what you read! Feel free to comment, as I will still be able to reply via my phone, I just won’t be able to post new content until I’m reconnected to the matrix!

Thank you all for your continued readership, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you all!

All My Love,


The Fervent Shaker…

merry christmas happy new year.jpg

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