Licor 43 Summer Cocktails

Cuarenta Y Tres, a golden liqueur from a golden country…

So I wrote a post, way back at the beginning of my blogging life. Ever since then, it has gone from strength to strength. It has been, by far, my most viewed post (around 100-150 views ahead of my other posts – last count). So to celebrate I thought I’d put together my top ten (10) Licor 43 cocktails. There’s one rule: they’re all going to be summer cocktails. Of course they’ll be versatile, but primarily they’ll be superb for those chilled summer evenings…

Here’s a little tip before we start: Licor 43 (Cuarenta Y Tres) is a viscous, sweet, Orange & Vanilla* flavoured liqueur. Thus it can be substituted for other ‘similar’ liqueurs on the market. For example; the cocktail at no.8 shows Licor 43 replacing Cointreau, offering an alternative to those who are not fans of the famous French liqueur…

*Although Licor 43’s flavour is a combination of 43 different ingredients, the Orange and Vanilla flavours are arguably the most predominant.

Let’s Begin with a Brazilian Classic made the Spanish way;

10. Caipirinha 43

50ml Licor 43

½ Lemon squeezed

Top up sparkling water

Served over crushed ice (build it, don’t shake it)


9. Pascal

3m Licor 43

3m Midori (Melon Liqueur)

Top up fresh milk


8. Spanish Margarita

2m licor 43

4m tequila

6m Sweet & Sour Mix (lemon sugar syrup)

7. Dreamsicle

1m Licor 43

2m Fresh Milk

2m Fresh Orange Juice

6. Aquavit 43

3m Licor 43

2m Aquavit

2m Noilly Prat

1m Fresh Lime Juice

Top up Ginger Ale*

* I like to add a little splash of something at this point. Although Licor43 sugest the cocktail as is, I prefer a little fizz. Try adding either Soda water or ginger ale/beer (my personal preference). 

5. The Power of Cuarenta Y Tres

7m Licor 43

1m fresh Lime juice

8m Fresh cranberry juice

4m Passion Fruit Nectar

1m Caramel syrup


4. Key Lime Pie

1m Licor 43

1m Vodka

1m Fresh Lime Juice

3. Spanish Armada

2m Licor 43

1m Southern Comfort

3m Cranberry Juice

Top up ginger ale


2. Pile 43 (Long)

50ml Licor 43

50ml ginger ale

Now, I’m trying to be different with this list, I have tried and tested many a cocktail (licor 43 or none) but one I keep coming back to is the Cuba Libre… This next cocktail is my number one for 2 reasons: It combines a fantastic classic cocktail (conveniently my favourite one) with one of the best liqueurs in the world. The flavours work wonders and the simplicity of the drink means anyone can enjoy one if they wish to…

1. Cuba Libre 43

3m Licor 43

2m Dark Rum

12m Cola

Lemon Wedge

A few drops of fresh lime juice

Bonus cocktail:

When I went to Almeria (Southern Spain – the regional home of Licor 43), as part of my University course, they didn’t need to suggest this liqueur to me… I asked for it. The look of approval from the staff member serving me said it all. I asked for a simple mixture: 43 & Pepsi.

It’s not only simple, but superbly refreshing. I let my Uni friends all try it, and they all went and ordered one. This cocktail is a testament to not only the quality of the liqueur, but also its growing market here in the U.K.


50ml Licor 43

Top up Pepsi (original only)

for picture of most of these cocktails (so you know what they’re meant to look like please visit the cocktail section of licor 43:

Licor 43 Summer Cocktails: So I hope you enjoy this instalment! They are all fantastic cocktails, and all of them are perfect for the warm/british summer nights ahead. For the warmer nights, go for the fruitier/stonger drinks. For the ‘British Summer’ nights (aka Cold) go for the milky cocktails.

Next up: Vodka Summer Cocktails…

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