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A slight cheat; A link to another article about booze!

I was reading around this afernoon, looking for a quirky little piece to blog about when this beauty popped up on my screen (not literally i have good spam protection! The pop up reference in this case is a poor metaphor – which i refuse to change).

Anyway, it’s a little bit of a ‘what to mix with what’ article, but it’s written in a very alluring way… for example heres a paragraph about my favourite spirit, RUM:

Cocktail Matchmaking

“Rum and lime enjoy true, undying love, never to be parted, but rum plays around on the side with brandy, bringing a wild funkiness to that spirit’s smoothness. At the same time, lime has a little thing going on with…”

To read more and for other great alcoholic articles have a look here: http://www.Liquor.com.