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Cocktails O’ Clock: Inspired By… Germany…

Apple Strudel


1 ½ measures Vodka

½ measure Krupnik honey liqueur

½ measure Blackberry Coulis/Puree

1 dash Vanilla (flavoured) Syrup

2 measures Apple Juice

Top Up Champagne

Bubbly & Fruity, this cocktail is perfect for Christmas parties…


  1. Shake all the ingredients together over cubed ice. Shake well until the shaker has iced.
  2. Pour into a large Collins glass and top with champagne/sparkling wine.

This cocktail should taste like that classic German dessert: Apple Strudel. Sweet and fruity with the Champagne adding a bubbly and light feel to the heavy sugary taste.

This drink is improved significantly with a rimmed glass. Try using a Cinnamon & Sugar mix and dusting the glasses rim. This should add a little heat to the drink as well as adding a traditional Christmas twist to the drink…