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Mocktails – For discerning non-drinker…

Non-Alcoholic treats

Cocktails don't always need alcohol to impress...
Cocktails don’t always need alcohol to impress…

So I haven’t had the time recently for a post, with the combination of work and other things getting a bit on top of me. That’s all dealt with and within the next few weeks you’ll see this blog get back to its best. This includes all the “cocktails o’clock”, “Product of the month” and general cocktail musing posts you have been used to seeing.

Anyway with my apologies, and spoilers, out of the way let us move onto the point of this post: Cocktails, or more accurately Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.

The inspiration for this post is my brother; he’s been on a bit of a detox since Christmas and stopped his alcohol intake completely (don’t worry I’ve been drinking his share). I admire him for it, although would never attempt such a feat (nor would I tell him that I admire him for it).

This post therefore will represent 3 non-alcoholic cocktails, inspired by my brothers detox, and then also some little tips on how to make them a little more interesting…

The Cocktails;

1)      Green Grape Glacier (cocktails.about.com)


12 seedless green grapes

4 measures white grape juice

4 measure cold sparkling spring water

Vividly Green, this cocktail is as refreshing as it looks…


–          Freeze Grapes & then mix 10 of them in a blender with the grape juice until smooth/thick.

–          Pour mixture into a highball glass.

–          Add the sparkling water and stir gently to combine.

–          Garnish with the remaining 2 grapes and serve with straws.

This drink is refreshing, fragrant and perfect for evenings spent watching the April showers. I find that using sparkling spring water instead of plain soda water adds more of a natural taste to the drink. Try using different grapes for slightly different flavours.

Fervent Shaker twist: this drink leaves itself open for the addition of a broad range of spirits, and I find that different spirits result in, unsurprisingly, different tastes… Using Gin creates a crisp refreshing evening drink, whilst Rum results in a more vivid summer spritzer. Then there’s Vodka, which results in the classic refreshing spritzer (although a splash of fresh lemon always helps here) and finally Tequila; which adds a specifically earthy and rather rich taste to the drink.

2)  Green Lemonade


4 measures Lemonade

2 measures limeade/lime cordial

4 kiwi slices, peeled

¾ measure sugar syrup (agave nectar)

Kiwi/Lime slice for garnish


The fizzy nature of this drink sets it apart from your standard mocktails… It looks pretty good too!


–          Muddle the sugar syrup and kiwi slices in a mixing glass.

–          Add limeade, lemonade and ice and shake well.

–          Strain into a highball glass full of fresh ice.

–          Garnish with a kiwi/lime slice.

This ‘mocktail’ is a bitter lemon style mixture with the kiwi adding its very own special brand of flavour. If you’re a fan of Kiwi, like me, then you’ll love this drink.

Fervent Shaker Twist: This one is easy; it’s built for vodka left right and centre. I worked up a post about the Kiwi inspired Mordor Mule a little while ago and this reminds me of it so much. So yes I’d go for vodka but it may also suit a tequila fan if balanced well.

3)  Spring Fever


¾ measures lemon juice

¾ measures mango syrup

1 ½ measures apple juice

2 measures blood orange juice


Striking as any red drink should be, this mocktail is very fruity and goes down a treat on those chilly spring nights…


–          Add ingredients into a shaker and shake over ice until the tin ices over.

–          Strain into a Collins glass half filled with crushed ice and serve with straws.

This is a slightly complicated drink in that blood orange has a very specific and almost pungent taste. I’m not a complete fan of this drink and that’s simply down to me preferring Valencia orange juice. However, that aside this drink has a certain feel about it that makes it perfect for those windy yet warm spring evenings. The use of orange & lemon juices also leaves this drink open for the addition of various spirits without a great change in the flavour (excluding those of the alcohol itself if you’re using aged spirits). Vodka is the obvious, albeit dull, choice but rum is the spirit to use if you want to taste some real magic. Using Golden rum (I’d suggest Havana Club Anejo) will add a sense of depth in the drinks flavour as well as the usual aged rum taste.

So there you go, proof that not only are cocktails for people who don’t drink alcohol but that the drinks that seem non-alcoholic only can always be turned into something a little more exciting for those who like their tipple.

But as always remember to drink responsibly, I only ever suggest to add 1-2 measures of alcohol per drink and each measure is roughly 25ml (although sometimes I like to go halfway between the two and use just 35ml).

Notes: Pictures are courtesy of;

Green Grape Glacier – Pinterest

Green Lemonade – MixedGreensBlog

Spring Fever – Festen.dk

Please check out their websites for further information/more fun stuff 🙂

Virgin Cocktails – For those abstaining from the joy of alcohol: Suffer no more.

So the Catholics have a new boss, a merry leader for their merry men. Well as we all know he’s all about opposing alcohol consumption (In large quantities at least). Well just for him, and in honour of his orders slightly outdated views, I have come up with some fantastic Non-alcoholic cocktails (commonly called ‘virgin cocktails’ or more popularly ‘mocktails’) with the assumption that anyone can then enjoy the process of cocktails and not become inebriated and cast shame upon themselves in the eyes of the roman catholic church…

But first; a bit about non-alcoholic cocktails…

Virgin cocktails (or Mocktails as they are commonly known) are becoming ever popular, especially in an age of the ever growing health conscious types.

Whether it’s because you are the designated driver and don’t want to be left out, or whether you just don’t like alcohol (What?) there is a ‘virgin’ cocktail for you.

From virgin versions of classics such as the Virgin Mary (a non-alcoholic take on the Bloody Mary), Virgin Daiquiris, Margaritas as well as hundreds of specially created recipes, there is bound to be something to your tastes.And to be completely honest, some of the non-alcoholic cocktails I’ve seen in my time are equally, if not more, impressive looking than a lot of their alcoholic relatives.

A collection of ‘mocktails’ showing off their flair and exuberance, proving that they can look every bit as stunning as their alcoholic cousins…

Now just for clarity’s sake, virgin cocktails are not just fruit juice and lemonade, nor are they strictly non-alcoholic versions of actual cocktails, they are a mixture of specially created recipes that look and taste like cocktails would, but contain 0% alcohol. (Some example recipes can be found at the bottom of this post).

Now let us look at a few facts:

Our world is an aesthetic one, where women think a size zero is pretty (it’s really not) and cake tins double up as a facial mask applier (Hint: They don’t. Less is more trust me). So it makes sense that health conscious individuals would start up about alcohol consumption (it’s no secret too much is bad for you). With this in mind and especially when the Pope-Elect Francis I is now the actual Pope, I thought I would give you all a heads up on some of the best Virgin cocktails or Mocktails out there.

Recipes, Recipes for all!

Safe Sex on the Beach

3 measures Cranberry Juice

3 measures Grapefruit Juice

2 measures Peach Nectar

Build this drink over ice in a tall Collins glass, garnish with 1 maraschino cherry (Peach puree will do if you cannot get the nectar).

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

1 measure fresh lime juice

3 measures of sliced strawberries in syrup (or juice)

1-3 teaspoons of sugar (to taste)

Blend the ingredients over iced and serve in a chilled glass, garnish with some whipped cream.

Virgin Mary

75ml Tomato Juice

12.5ml lemon juice

1 dash Worcestershire sauce

Celery salt

Ground pepper,

Tobacco sauce

Celery stalk (optional)

Pickled gherkin (optional)

This cocktail is a classic but without the alcohol. You build it in a glass over ice as normal, and add the seasonings to taste. Garnishing with a celery stick and gherkin, this virgin recipe looks just like its alcoholic counterpart.

Using the power of colour, mocktails can sometimes shock and awe. Losing absolutely no flavour to their design means they taste as good as they look…

Virgin Margarita

1 measures orange juice

1 measure lime juice

3 measures Sour Mix (lemon juice, caster sugar & water boiled down to syrupy texture)

Shirley Temple

1 measure Grenadine

Top up Ginger Ale

Build over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a wedge of lemon.

Virgin Caipirinha

1 lime, diced

1 lemon, diced

1 orange, diced

2 teaspoons caster sugar

Top up ginger ale.

Very gently muddle the diced fruit with the caster sugar. Top up with ginger ale and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Cranberry Quencher

1 part cranberry juice

1 part orange juice

2 parts lemonade

Build in a Collins glass, over ice and top up with the lemonade.

And now, one for all of you thrill seekers out there… there may be no alcohol involved, but after you knock it back, you may be glad of that fact…

Prairie Oyster

1 tablespoon tomato juice

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce



1 egg yolk (only use eggs marked with lions)

In a small glass add the tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce. Add a grind of pepper and a couple dashes of vinegar. Float the egg yolk on top and try not to think too much when you drink it…

Using no food colourings whatsoever, you can tweak traditional lemonade recipes and add in different fruits, sugars and other flavours. Why not try some herbs and spices? Experiment and come up with a new soda…

Hopefully this goes some way to helping out you non-drinkers. Whether you hold a party and want to join in, or just want an alcohol clean event that has something a little different. Either way the fact remains: cocktails = fun; alcoholic or not.

Next time on The Fervent Shaker:

What makes a great sangria? Traditional recipes? The best fruits? Or skilled techniques when making them? – All i know is that the next blog will give you a little information about both traditional and contemporary sangria recipes, including a couple of my very own white win sangria recipes. Look out, its touching down this Easter…