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Tropical Fruit sangria – A perfect pitcher for the summer nights…

Tropical Fruit Sangria: Less Wine… MORE RUM!

I’m sitting here right now, sipping on some fragrant tropical sangria, and I’m about to tell you all how to make it…

This sangria recipe is a little different as it’s a little more ‘punchy’ than traditional sangria and it goes down much better with those not too keen on the wine.

Using less wine and a tad more liqueur than your regular sangria, this recipe packs an alcoholic kick but also plenty of flavour from both the liqueurs and the fresh fruit used.

I find that the best method to good sangria is to mix the alcohol, then add the sugar, then mix in the non-alcoholic (fruit juices) components and finally the addition of fresh fruit. I then like to refrigerate the mix for a few hours before serving (alternatively you could just add some ice if you’re pressed for time – although this will dilute the mix over time)…

A wonderful collection of ingredients, meant for one thing only: SANGRIA!

The recipe I used for Todays sangria punch and how to make it:


  • Kumala Colombard Chardonnay Wine – 150ml
  • Brugal Anejo Rum – 75ml
  • Crème d Mure – 30ml
  • Orange Liqueur – 30ml
  • Innocent Tropical Juice – 550ml
  • Selection of exotic/soft berry fruits/ citrus
    • Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, melon, pineapple, citrus fruits.
  • 2 teaspoons caster sugar


1)      Prepare the fruit:

  1. Citrus: sliced
  2. Soft fruit/orchard fruits: wedges/halved/quartered
  3. Berries: hulled & halved
  4. Other (Melon, pineapple etc): Chunks

2)      Pour into the mixing bowl the alcohol, juice and sugar…

3)      Stir until the sugar dissolves in the mixture.

4)      Drop in the fruit and refrigerate for between 2-12 hours (the longer you leave it the more alcohol the fruit takes up).

This recipe is rather fruity, more so than I expected, which is mostly due to the use of tropical juice (I was originally going to go for an Orange base juice – but chose this to better match the wines flavours). The best fruit is usually whatever is in season. I added some melon chunks (ready prepared) to add both texture and a little more exotic flavour.

This is best enjoyed on a warm summers evening, with large ice cubes (slower dilution) or in a well-chilled glass. It’s easy to make and provides a nice little drink to end your day with.