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It’s Easter time, that means offers: Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

So i just received an email from my favourite drink supplier website:


It’s in relation to a great easter deal they have going on at the moment:

Mozart is an Austrian Liqueur brand and they supply 3 great flavoured chocolate liqueurs.

The first one is a black chocolate liqueur, perfect for any cocktail where you need a rich chocolate flavour (such as the ‘Honey Bunny’):


Alongside this is their ‘Gold original chocolate’ liqueur. this is a milk chocolate cream liqueur. Perfect in milky textured cocktails, offering a little bit of luxury this easter (Such as the fantastic ‘Cotton Tail’ cocktail):


And finally, this family of chocolate liqueurs would not be complete without a white chocolate version… This white version is a blend of bourbon vanilla (all the way from madagascar would you believe! as well as cream and cocoa butter) … All this combines for another luxurious chocolate liqueur…


Oozing in quality, these 3 chocolate liqueurs are fantastic for Easter cocktails. Left to right: Black Chocolate, White Chocolate & Gold Original…

these liqueurs are needles in a large haystack when it comes to good quality chocolate liqueurs. Reduced from their original prices of £17.49, £15.49, £15.49 (respectively) to a measly £14.93, £13.04, £12.82 (respectively). They are bargains waiting to be picked up, especially if you’re planning any Easter themed cocktail parties in the coming weeks. I get paid at the end of next week and I’m sure to pick up at least 1 of these (i’ll probably go for the Milk – Gold – version, but thats just my sweet tooth talking)…

I suggest you follow suit and give them a try, and while your at it feel free to share any of your favourite chocolate based cocktails in the comments below… I’ll start you off with 2 of my favourites:

‘Cotton Tail’

50ml Mozart Gold Original Chocolate Liqueur

20ml Coconut cream

2 heaped teaspoons fresh marscapone cheese

Build the ingredients into a boston shaker glass, fill with ice, then shake until iced. Then Strain into a Martini cocktail glass (what else?!), and garnish with a half a Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

‘Honey Bunny’

25ml Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur

15ml Dark Spiced Rum (Kraken/Morgans is a good Choice)

10ml Amaretto Liqueur

10ml Caramel Sauce

10ml Honey

this cocktail is for those with an overactive sweet tooth. Be warned it’s deliciously sweet, but the alcohol packs enough of a punch to keep you coming back for more. 

Add the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. shake well until very iced. Strain into a Coupe cocktail glass (just for a bit of added class), and garnish with a drizzle of honey or caramel, and gentle sprinkle of sea salt (optional)…

Adding a little bit of glamour and class to any event, chocolate liqueurs help create some of the best sweet cocktails out there… Which one is your favourite?

Both of these recipes were supplied by the email i received from http://www.thedrinkshop.com, and as such are not my own work. Still they taste bloomin’ gorgeous!