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The Legend of the Cuba Libre…

cuba cab

The Cuba Libre the epitome of a classic cocktail – it is 114 years old after all! Better yet, it has not only stood the test of time, but today it remains one of the most ordered cocktails across the world.

But for a drink some only know as ‘Rum & Coke’ to have lasted so long would’ve required some rather important factors;

  • A colourful history
  • Simplicity
  • Fantastic taste
  • The use of a world class Mixer

Now simplicity doesn’t always work, and let’s be honest, a colourful history could be good or bad. But mix the good kind of colourful history with simplicity and then blend in the great taste of a classic American mixer then you have formed the perfect storm, in cocktail terms at least.

I’ll be honest here; The Cuba Libre’s success is in no small part down to its drinkability and the fact it’s mixed with arguably the most famous mixer in the world, Coca Cola, is no mistake.

As you can probably already tell, the Cuba Libre is my favourite cocktail. Whilst you’ll rarely see me order one when out and about, as they are so easy to make, at home they’re pretty much all I drink.

Give me a well-made Cuba Libre and I’ll be a happy man.

So let’s look at the facts:

The History of the Cuba Libre…

cuba libre 4

The history of the Cuba Libre cocktail is well documented as being around the turn of the 20th century – when cuba won it’s freedom after the American-Spanish war of 1898. It’s said that after the war ended, around August 1900, Captain Russell (of the US Military) ordered Bacardi Rum with Coke and a slice of lime. The name of the drink was coined when he toasted the phrase “Por Cuba Libre” – For a free Cuba. This phrase was of great political significance at the time, especially as it was used by both American and Cuban citizens alike. Whilst Bacardi Rum is no longer ‘Cuban’ rum (they vacated the Island back when the American Prohibition hit hard) they are still considered the Rum of choice when ordering a Cuba Libre or, as it is better known; “A Bacardi & Coke please”…

Simplicity & the taste of America…

Coca Cola is unequivocally American. Any American will tell you that Coca Cola is as much a part of the USA’s history as the Wild West and JFK, with some of the older memorabilia selling for $100’s with some more specific items fetching far higher prices! The fact that it’s so simple to create; combined with the classic taste of America and the history surrounding the cocktails’ creation means it’s not that surprising it has, arguably, become one of the most famous cocktails of all time.

An Advocate for slow sipping…

The Cuba Libre can be a pleasure when well-made and should always be enjoyed sip by sip; especially, if like me, you like to use it to help taste the finest of rums. I find that Cola helps bring out some of the better flavours of golden/dark rums and this for me not only means I get to enjoy a rum without the burning feeling of the alcohol, but also allows me to spend more time enjoying it. The use of Cola takes a drink that would be over far too soon and lengthens it to perfection.

So whilst this cocktail is certainly a classic, especially when Bacardi is used, it also allows people like me to enjoy the rum they love for longer, by allowing us to sip it slowly over a greater amount of time.

And finally; the two Cuba Libre’s that matter:

The Original (1900) Cuban Recipe…


1 measure Bacardi Gold Rum

3 measures Coca-Cola (bottled*)

2 lime wedges


  • Build over ice and drop in the Lime wedges for garnish.
  • For an added lime kick, squeeze the juice out of the lime and into the drink before putting the wedges in. Remember to stir before serving…

This recipe is as close to the original as today will allow, with the problem being that Bacardi vacated Cuba shortly after the USA took over. They relocated production to Puerto Rico & Mexico and have rightly had the title of ‘Cuban Rum’ removed from their current products. However if you want a taste of a current day ‘Cuban’ Cuba Libre then check out my favourite recipe:

‘True Cuban’ Cuba Libre:

cuba libre 1


1 measure Havana Club Especial (Gold) Rum

3 measures Coca-Cola (glass bottle*)

2 wedges lime


  • Squeeze one of the lime wedges into your ice-filled glass.
  • Then pour in the rum.
  • Top up with the Coca-Cola and then stir.
  • Drop in the 2nd lime wedge, put your feet up and sip away.

*It’s no secret that bottle Coca-Cola tastes better than Canned and this is not a coincidence. Using glass bottled cola is the best way to enjoy it in my opinion, and it is definitely the better of the 3 types for the ultimate Cuba Libre. However any Coca-Cola will do just fine.

The Black Russian – Strong and dark is how we like them…

The Russian cocktail brothers, white and black, are a little unbalanced in popularity. Purely because the classic white Russian (see: https://theferventshaker.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/the-white-russian-a-classic-cocktail-from-the-very-cold-east/) is slightly different; using light cream/milk which dilutes the alcohol and makes it more palatable..

Let me explain:

The original ‘Black Russian’ recipe is as follows:

1 measure Kahlua

1 measure Vodka

Serve over Ice, in a rocks glass.

And that’s it!

As you can imagine it’s a very strong, almost naked cocktail, when compared to the ‘slightly diluted’ white Russian (simply add 2 measures of cream/milk for a White).

Using just Kahlua and Vodka, this cocktail is dark and mysterious… When you try it, you’ll find out why… (picture taken from http://www.kahlua.com)

This is not to say it is a bad cocktail, quite the opposite in fact; its flavours are perfectly balanced, especially if you use high-grade vodka (none of that paint stripper smelling kind – try Green Mark or Grey Goose).

However that’s not to say you cannot dilute a Black Russian to make it more palatable…

The best way to serve a Black Russian but in a slightly diluted state is as follows:

1 measure Kahlua

1 measure Vodka

Splash of fresh citrus juice (lime/orange/lemon/grapefruit)

Top up with Cola.

Serve over ice, in a Collins glass.

Top Tip: use just a splash of the citrus juice, and just before serving for the best results.

Now here comes the dilemma; as with all drinks using cola as a mixer, what cola brand do you use?

Well simply put, you use the brand you like best. In my experience I find that in drinks like this, longer more flavourful cocktails, Coke Cola works the best, and that’s said from someone who normally prefers Pepsi in everything.

That’s my personal opinion but I’m sure a supermarket brand cola would work just as well if you prefer that. Give it a try and let me know what your thoughts are below…

As a closing statement;

Whilst the White Russian is far more popular than its Black counterpart, they are both great drinks in their own right. Basically you just pick a side: Milk, or Cola. Milk = White, and Cola = Black… Regardless of your choice: Enjoy it 😀