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Cointreau Fizz – Cocktails on the front line…

So in this follow up to the Cointreau Fizz Garden post, I thought I’d share the cocktails that they offered us…

There are in total and they range from the simple to the extravagant, with a flavour for everyone’s palate…

So let’s begin:

The Original Cointreau Fizz Cocktail


50ml Cointreau

½ Lime squeezed

Top up soda water

Garnish with a lovely summer flower.

Method: Build the ingredients over ice in the serving glass. Stir, garnish and serve.

A great classic, this ‘fizz’ cocktail is both crisp and refreshing. Offering a generous dose of Cointreau and that magical cocktail ingredient: Fresh Lime.


Cointreau Fizz, Orange


50ml Cointreau

½ Lime squeezed

Garnish with lime and orange wedges.

Method: Same as the original, only you garnish with orange & lime wedges. Squeeze them into the drink if you like.

This version really brings out the orange flavour of the Cointreau. It adds a little boost to its orange flavours and helps you distinguish it from the lime. Perfect for those who love Cointreau and want to make the most of the liqueur.

Cointreau Fizz, Raspberry


50ml Cointreau

½ Lime squeezed

Garnish with fresh raspberries on a skewer.

Method: Same as the original, only you garnish with the raspberries, drop in a lime wedge for some extra zing.

This is a bit more of a summer special over here, find some fresh raspberries and go a bit mad. If you want a bit more flavour, you can add some raspberry puree in the glass (or muddle some raspberries with the lime juice to make a more, raw version).

Cointreau Fizz, Cucumber


50ml Cointreau

½ Lime squeezed

Garnish with fresh cucumber shavings.

Method: same as the original, only you add cucumber to the lime garnish.

This drink is very refreshing, with a very crisp cucumber flavour. This version is perfect for those with a preference for more savoury drinks (as opposed to the sweet variations).


Cointreau Fizz, Strawberry & Mint


50ml cointreau

½ lime squeezed

4-5 fresh strawberries

5 Fresh Mint Leaves

Top up soda water

Garnish with a fresh mint sprig & strawberry hull.

Method: In a Boston shaker combine the lime, strawberries and mint, then muddle. Fill with ice and add the Cointreau. Shake until the tin ices over. Strain into an ice filled glass and top up with soda water. Garnish with a mint sprig and a strawberry hull.

This was one of the drinks I tried on the night, and boy was it refreshing. The mint and strawberry combined brilliantly to supply a nice hit of summer in a very chilled manner. Definitely one to try.

Cointreau Fizz, Cucumber & Basil


50ml Cointreau

½ lime squeezed

Fresh cucumber portions (about 8-10 small chunks)

4 fresh basil leaves

Top up soda water

Garnish with a fresh basil leaf & cucumber slice.

Method: like the strawberry & mint fizz this is a shaken drink… Using a Boston shaker, muddle the cucumber, basil & lime and add ice. Add in the Cointreau and shake until the tin becomes frosted (ices over). Strain into an ice filled glass and garnish with a slice of cucumber and a basil leaf.

Another refreshing drink, this was one of the event favourites. Both refreshing and savoury the basil and cucumber supplied a nice chilled feel to an otherwise muggy summer evening. Along with the mint and strawberry fizz, this was one of the best drinks supplied.

Cointreau Fizz, Mint Tea


50ml Cointreau

½ Lime squeezed

50ml cold black tea

3 fresh mint leaves

Top up soda water

Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Method: This drink, again, requires a Boston shaker to prepare. In a Boston shaker add the mint, Cointreau, lime and tea. Fill with ice and shake until the tin becomes frosted. Strain into an ice filled glass and top up with soda water. Garnish with fresh mint leaves (use a sprig it you want).

Again this is a very refreshing, ‘herby’ drink. The mint & tea work brilliantly together and supply a gentle but fresh kick. Combined with the Cointreau and lime this drink surely is the epitome of a summer ‘cold tea’ cocktail. Try using different flavoured tea’s and herbs to create your own distinct version…

Cointreau Fizz, Passion & Pepper


50ml Cointreau

½ Lime squeezed

2 fresh passion fruits

1 thin slice of thai chilli pepper

Top up soda water

Garnish with a Thai chilli pepper.

Method: Using a Boston shaker, shake all of the ingredients (NOT including the soda water) over ice until the shaker’s tin frosts over. Strain into an ice filled glass and top up with soda water. Garnish with a whole Thai chilli pepper.

This is the strangest fizz cocktail on the list, and to be honest it was the one I really wanted to experience. Alas they did not have this one for us to try, but that won’t stop me creating one at home. Try it yourselves using different chilli’s for different heat levels. Also, for an added kick, try scoring the garnish pepper and as you work your way through the drink it should become warmer…


So that’s it. All the Cointreau Fizz cocktails available at the events are listed above. From the simple, yet elegant, original to the more complicated shaken varieties there surely is one for everyone. And the best thing about these fizz cocktails? – You can try any flavour you want! Just add a few chunks of your chosen fruit into a shaker with the base ingredients and use the same fruit to garnish it at the end. Just try to keep the levels of Cointreau and lime the same (they are the core ingredients after all!).

Recipes for all these cocktails among others can be found on Cointreau’s official website:


Or, for a straight link to the cocktails, click here:


For my post on the Cointreau fizz garden event itself please check out the following link (or find it on my home page):


Disclaimer: Whilst the pictures and recipes (along with the rights that go with them) belong to Cointreau and their parent company Remy Cointreau, my thoughts and opinions are my own and are no way influenced by Cointreau or any of its affiliates. – Basically I’m unbiased. That’s how I role!

Cointreau Fizz Garden – 25.06.2013

A Night of Fizz and glamour, for the most part…


So straight away I must disclaim: I suffer from hay fever and this did somewhat spoil the mood, but all the same I tried to take that out of the equation when writing this post…

Cointreau are a big brand, owned by Remy Cointreau (a huge alcohol company – many fingers in many pies), and they have been putting on a weekly event recently: The Cointreau Fizz Garden (5th Floor Magdalen house, London Bridge).

Tickets for this event were given away for free on a first come first served basis through Cointreau’s UK Facebook page. I got tickets for me a 4 of my friends for the 25th June event.

I went up with my friend Peter on the train and went to the Bar Blue before-hand, and met up with my friend Jack, and his girlfriend and her friend around 6.30pm. After making our way up the very cramped lift, we walked out onto a roof terrace that resembled a wonderful garden scene (something one might see at the Chelsea flower show), wooden seating, some tables scattered around and some wonderful looking (but fake) flowers draping the trellis, cutting off the London high rises (all but the Shard anyway)…

Me and Peter enjoying a chat whilst sipping on a Fizz…

We were all given 3 tokens each (enough for 3 cocktails each) and when we sat down and had a read of the flavours of ‘Cointreau Fizz Cocktails’ available, it was apparent that the flavours had been well thought out. Some combining fresh flavours like cucumber and basil, others opting for the subtle yet refreshing flavours of orange and lime, the cocktails offered contained both safe and edgy flavour combinations; something for everyone…

My friends; Jack & Lauren having a look at the drinks being prepared, it was a rather chilled atmosphere at the beginning of the evening…

However as the night went on, it became apparent that only 3 cocktails were offered to us. Although it was still a great selection, this was not made apparent until we got to the bar and saw the amended menu’s there. This was a shame as some of the cocktails not on offer looked amazing (I’m especially thinking of the Passion & Pepper one).

The biggest problem, however, was the amount of people allowed to attend. Whilst I’m all for letting as many people as possible experience a bespoke event like this, there needs to be some sort of line drawn so that the people at the event can enjoy it fully. After going to such lengths to ensure an amazing venue, with a great view and then managing to create a garden-like atmosphere there, it seemed a shame to let it be ruined (in part) by the attendance of so many people. At one point me and my friend were waiting, at the front of the bar, for around 35 minutes before being served and even then the sheer volume of drinks orders meant we were kept waiting as the bartender made 8-10 drinks at a time.

The Shard in all it’s glory, rising high above the rooftop. A wonderful sunset…

All that aside the event itself was, overall, fantastic. The sun set behind the shard and the light was refracted and reflected all around us, combine that with great company and a very cool acoustic set from a talented musical duo, and then throw in the sometimes strange and weird tasting canapé’s the Cointreau ladies were serving, well, you just cannot fault it too much.

It wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it was worth going all that way to experience and if I’m completely honest, I’d go to another one! Especially if they addressed the minor issues.

The Verdict:

Cocktails: 9.5/10

The idea of keeping the cocktails in the ‘Fizz’ genre was fantastic, and the selection of flavours was plenty varied for the beginning of the event, in the least.

Cocktails tried: 10/10

I tried the Strawberry & Mint and the Original Fizz cocktails, both of which were fantastically balanced. The use of fresh ingredients was evident and really gave the drinks a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ not to mention a little kick.

Décor: 8.5/10

The first impressions were stunning. To see the transformation from a London rooftop to a Parisian garden was simply superb. Colours were well thought out and the table arrangement was well planned. The only improvement would be to the ceiling, although half was open and showing off the view of the Shard (again this was a stunning view), the other half was covered by dirtied plastic sheeting and really did ruin some of the illusion.

Service: 7/10

At the beginning of the night the service was excellent and it was easy to go and get a drink. However as more people started to turn up it became clear that the bar was far too small and they had not planned for so many people/orders coming in. The Staff seemed quite overwhelmed and always behind (not their fault, there was only 3 guys behind the bar). The food service (canapés) was slightly better however, with the two ladies making their way around the crowds gracefully and making sure everyone got the choice to try a selection of savoury and sweet dishes.

Overall: 8.75/10

Overall this event was fantastic. Whilst there were some flaws on show, the event came across as well thought out for the most point. The service really lacked but mainly to the high influx of attendees in the latter part of the evening. Receiving the ‘goody-bag’ on the way certainly went some way to making up for it. I definitely recommend you all try to get tickets to any future events they hold if possible.

A rather packed bar area led to long waits for drinks, but everyone was in high spirits…

For more information on this event, and any others on offer by Cointreau, check out their Facebook page, twitter feed and official website on the links below:

Website: www.cointreau.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CointreauUK

Twitter: @CointreauUK, https://twitter.com/CointreauUK

Disclaimer: all pictures used on this post are either my own, or from the Cointreau Fizz Garden album.