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Cocktails O’clock: The Shady Lady

No need to find the shade, she’ll come to you…

There are only so many ‘new’ cocktails available online, before they start becoming similar to cocktails I’ve already posted about. To try and dilute this pool of great flavours I have called upon the aid of two (2) of my most treasured cocktail books.

One of which, New Classic Cocktails (by Gary Regan & Mardee Haidin Regan) a great book I bought after it was recommended on an episode of Robert Hess’ The Cocktail Spirit. It’s a great little book, filled with some of the more obscure cocktails from around the world.

New classic cocktails, by Gray & Mardee Regan…

The other, is a book extremely close to my heart: ‘365 cocktails by Brian Lucas’ – the first ever cocktail book I ever bought. Ever since I bought it, it’s been an essential part of my library and is a go to book in when I’m looking for inspiration.

365 Cocktails: a genuinely superb cocktail bible by Brian Lucas…

So I’ll be sharing the wealth, and supplying some of the cocktails from my first cocktail book, intermingled with some from the other book (and of course I’ll also be using those from the internet and my own brain).

Let’s start with one of my favourites…

The Shady Lady

1 measure Tequila Blanco

1 measure Midori

4 measures Grapefruit Juice

The Shady Lady cocktail: simply one of the best Tequila cocktails I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying…


1)      Build the ingredients over ice in a sling glass.

2)      Garnish with a lime wheel and maraschino cherry.

3)      Serve with straws.

This cocktail is a slightly refreshing tequila cocktail, more so because of the melon liqueur. If melon is not your thing then try out different liqueurs, but try to keep away from citrus flavours if you can help it (the grapefruit juice supplies all the citrus you’ll need).

For an added melon kick, in the above recipe at least, muddle 2-5 chunks of honeydew melon in a shaker tin. Then shake the ingredients over ice with the melon and strain into the glass. Garnish the same way.

If you like your drink a little more bubbly; then replace 1.5measures of the grapefruit juice with grapefruit soda. It will lighten the drink some more and also spritz it up a little.

This truly is one of my favourite Tequila cocktails, and one that will go down a storm at any party or BBQ you plan on having in the next few weeks. Quick whilst the sun is still high!

Remember Tequila is a wonderful spirit, but like all free spirits the minute you disrespect it, it will punish you, so do drink responsibly…