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Cocktails O’ Clock: Citrus Temptation

Temptation is a cruel mistress; at least this one will go down well…

If there’s one thing truer than the sky being combination of various gasses and water, then it’s that citrus juices go perfectly with almost every spirit out there. Gladly this cocktail does not break that stereotype:

Citrus Temptation:

45ml Limoncello

25ml Orange Flavoured Vodka

3 lime wedges

If you get it to look like this? You’re on the right track…
Picture: courtesy of FoodNetwork


1)      Wipe the serving glass’ rim with a lime wedge and then rim with sugar.

2)      Add the Limoncello, Vodka and the 3 lime wedges (squeeze out juice and drop in) into a shaker full of ice.

3)      Shake until well chilled (around 10 seconds).

4)      Strain the drink into your ice filled glass.

5)      Garnish with an Orange twist.

Top Tip: The orange vodka can either be shop bought or your own creation, but if you have not the time to make your own, nor the availability to buy some, using 20ml vodka and 5ml orange blossom water should give your cocktail a make-shift flavour substitute.

This cocktail is something a little different, because Limoncello is not traditionally used as a base in cocktails as it is an aperitif.  This is by no means a bad thing as this drink is a testament to this. It’s sweet, a little tart and has just enough of an alcoholic kick to let you know it is actually alcoholic…

Fervent Shaker Fact: Limoncello is literally the most famous lemon-liqueur in the world, and the Italians love it. I can see why, it is pretty special. To further bolster its famous background Jamie Oliver even used it in his Lemon & Raspberry Ripple dessert…

This cocktail truly is something a bit different, and hopefully you can enjoy it and prosper.

Oh, and if there is a cocktail you’d like to read about, feel free to leave a comment/send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Until tomorrow readers!


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