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Halloween Cocktails: Spooky Shooters!

So my last post was geared more towards those who like their cocktails classic, simple, and giving them the opportunity to try something they may have overlooked before.

That is all well and good (I’m one of those people after all) but let’s not forget the important thing this weekend: It’s Halloween!!!

Halloween means over the top fancy dress, lots and lots of candy, and of course some great alcoholic beverages (for those of us over the legal drinking age of course!).

And that usually means shots! – Not just simple flavoured vodka shots either. I’m talking spooky, scary, and downright wrong looking shots!

So here below are 5 shots that tick all of those boxes and more! Just remember to enjoy them responsibly!

The Classic Brain Haemorrhage

brain hemorrhage shot


1 measure Peach Schnapps

½ measure Irish Cream liqueur

1 tsp Grenadine


  • Pour the peach schnapps into a shot glass and layer the Irish cream on top.
  • Drop the grenadine in on top of the Irish cream and serve.

Pumpkin Margarita

pumpkin margarita


2 measures Repsado Tequila

1 measure Lemon-Lime Mix

Splash pumpkin puree


  • Shake ingredients over ice and strain into a well-chilled, large shot glass.

Green Ghoul

green ghoul


1 ½ measure Anejo Tequila

½ measure Melon Liqueur


  • Pour the Tequila into a chilled shot glass, then drop the Melon Liqueur into the middle of the tequila. Down in one.

Candy Corn Shooter

candy corn shot


1 measure Banana Liqueur

1 measure Coconut Rum

1 measure Cream

1 measure Orange Curacao

1 measure 80proof Vodka

Whipped cream


  • Combine the vodka and banana liqueur with ice and shake well.
  • Layer into the bottom of the glass.
  • Combine the Cream, Orange Curacao, and Coconut Rum with ice and shake well.
  • Layer this on top of the first layer and top with whipped cream

Green Goblin:

green goblin


1 measure TY KU Premium Liqueur

1 measure Coconut Rum

Splash lemon-lime soda


  • Stir the rum and TY KU liqueur together over ice. Add into a shot glass and add a splash of soda.

There you go, 5 spooky Halloween themed cocktails that are perfect if you want to impress your friends and family this weekend. Some are scarily strong and will need to be handled with care – the 80 proof vodka should not be handled near an open flame – and as stated many a time: Please Drink Responsibly!

Halloween Special: The best of the rest…

Huge Pumpkins, now the cocktails to match…

I planned on bringing you 5+ of my very own creations this Halloween week, but due to work commitments (my day job) I haven’t had as much time as I thought when I planned that.

So rather than let you down by not bringing you those cocktails, I’ve decided to make up for it by supplying literally 100’s of Halloween themed cocktails…

But not through direct recipes, part of this of this blog is to help up the popularity of cocktails and the best way to do this is by sharing the best sites…

And are the best Halloween Cocktails, courtesy of the best sites I’ve found:

Brit & Co.

Cocktails About.Com

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7 more Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails by food & wine

Creepy Halloween Cocktails by the Food Network

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Cocktails O’ Clock: Inspired by… Halloween Part 2


2) The Brain Haemorrhage Shooter…

So it’s the day before Halloween and not a creature was stirring, well that’s a lie straight away, I have a headache and have not long been in from work.

Anyway Tequila Cocktail in hand (a wisely chosen Paloma) and sausage roll in the other, I type this (with my nose) festive post all about the scariest Shooter of them all…

The Brain Haemorrhage

Truly a disgusting mixture if one was ever seen, enough to scare pets and small children for years to come.

But mixed right and presented well one (or several depending on your day) will look right at home in your hand this Halloween.

The Recipe:

½ measure Schnapps,

¼ measure Bailey’s Irish Cream

¼ measure Grenadine Syrup

Nice and big, so you can enjoy its hideousness…
Picture courtesy of: Brit & Co.


1)      Pour the schnapps into a well-chilled shot/rocks glass.

2)      Then layer the baileys on top,

3)      Then pour in the grenadine, drop by drop, from above the glass.

The trick: the simple, yet effective, way to make this drink is by following these 3 rules:

1)      Use equal measures of everything, that way it will still taste ok when you finally drink it.

2)      Use the heaviest ingredient last (I.e. The grenadine or well iced liqueur).

3)      Drink carefully, the name may be jovial, but the alcohol content is serious (especially if you use an iced liqueur instead of the non-alcoholic grenadine).

Stick to those 3 rules and you’ll create frightfully tasty cocktail shooters every time…

Treat: Here’s the Alien-brain version should the classic recipe be too boring for you…

The Recipe:

½ measure Schnapps

¼ measure Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 teaspoon Grenadine syrup

1 teaspoon Blue Curacao

By mixing in different coloured liqueurs the drink takes on rather eerie effects. Try using different coloured Curacao’s for varied effects.


Same as the classic except for the step between the bailey’s and the grenadine:

1)      Pour the schnapps into a well-chilled shot/rocks glass.

2)      Then layer the baileys on top,

3)      Then layer the Blue Curacao on the bailey’s (don’t worry if some sinks below, that’s bound to happen – and add to the effect).

4)      Then pour in the grenadine, drop by drop, from above the glass.

Trick: use Crème De Menthe for a really nasty flavour (and aesthetic) combination (use in place of the Blue Curacao).

So there you go, combine that with my Spiced Caramel Apple cocktail and you have a couple of fantastic Halloween themed cocktails to show off at your parties… Keep your eyes open for my ‘best of Halloween’ post coming shortly, with links to some of the best Halloween cocktails on the net… Enjoy your evening!)

Website with some cool Halloween cocktails (and source of my picture above): Brit & Co