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X-Men Cocktail Shooters: Mutant and Proud!

Originally I had planned to do just the two individual X-men themed cocktails and post about them, one this week and one next week. However I found an issue with deciding which two X-Men to choose. So I gave up on that idea and merged both posts into a single post and selected 10 of my favourite X-Men characters and then proceeded to give them cocktail shooters, using my very own recipes! Please note that these character choices may be biased from my time watching the 90’s cartoon (it was, and still is, pretty darn good)…

I always loved the X-Men. A world in which ‘mutated’ powers came to be genetically, and a world in which these ‘mutants’ were not accepted by those who were not alike.

Mutant’s came in all shapes and sizes, literally, from mutants who can detect other mutants to uber-powerful mutants that can control the elements; Magnetism, Weather, Ice, Fire as well as pretty much anything else you can imagine!

I think one of the funniest abilities I ever witnessed was in X-Men: The Last Stand… It was during the break out scene magneto stages, and one of the mutants tasked with finding the young boy comes across the doctors involved in manufacturing an ‘antidote’ for the mutant gene. The mutant in question hugs one of the doctors, and whilst in the close embrace he flexes and out dash a bunch of spines – like a porcupine!!! Really?!

Anyway, onwards to the drinks…

The drinks this week are a little different, in that rather than restricting myself to a single cocktail I’ve opted to go for shorter, stronger yet more party friendly drinks…

That’s right folks; it’s time for X-Men Shooters!

Here are 10 of my own recipes for some great fun at your next geek-fuelled party!

Please note that whilst I consider all of these recipes my own work, that does not mean there will be no similarities to other drinks out there…

Also please bear with me whilst I work on these cocktails – I’ve not been able to get decent pictures of all of them yet, so you’ll have to suffer with my concept drawings. I’ll replace/add actual pictures as and when I can!!!

#1: The Professor Xavier

Scotch and Water please. Some would say the drink of Scotland. Xavier would enjoy this drink thoroughly!
Scotch and Water, some would say the drink of Scotland. Xavier would enjoy this drink thoroughly!


Equal parts Scotch & Water…


  • Build in a glass, use 1 large ice-ball to chill.

This cocktail is simple yet undyingly effective. After all this is the drink the professor would be enjoying and you can be certain he’d be using a damn good scotch whisky too!

#2: The Cyclops

A concept design showing how your drink should look!
A concept design showing how your drink should look!


½ measure Well-Iced Blue Curacao

¼ measure Cherry Brandy

¾ measure Yellow Chartreuse


  • Pour the blue curacao into a standard-sized shot glass.
  • Using the back of a bar spoon layer the cherry brandy on top of the blue curacao.
  • Then, finally, layer the chartreuse onto the cherry brandy – use the same method as above.
  • The image above is a representation of what you should be aiming for…

The leader of the X-Men and leader of these cocktails, Cyclops (or Scott Summers, his human name) is has a soft heart and is one of the most loyal and noble mutants in the X-Men. However, no matter how he tries to hide it, he has a dangerous side – his mutation. His mutation is uncontrollable without his specially made visor and if caught off-guard can cause significant damage to those around him – friends and innocents alike.

#3: The Storm

Another concept design to show you how the curacao will look seeping into the rest of the blue margarita mix...
Another concept design to show you how the curacao will look seeping into the rest of the blue margarita mix…


1.5 measures Tequila,

1 measure Blue Curacao

¾ measure Lime Juice


  • Fill a shot glass half way with crushed ice (pack it in tightly)
  • Shake the tequila and lime juice together and pour into a large shot glass.
  • Fill the rest of the shot glass with crushed ice.
  • Then, using the back of a bar spoon, layer the blue curacao on top and just wait for the slow but steady fallout…

Second in command and arguably one of the most powerful mutants alive, Storm is loyal, logical, and noble as well as knowing what it’s like to grow up in one of the hardest environments on the planet: 3rd world Africa. She is a great mutant to have on the side of the X-Men and has time and time again proved her worth to the world… This cocktail represents one of her most theatrical abilities changing the weather!

#4: The Wolverine

Concept showing how your layered Wolverine Shot should look...
Concept showing how your layered Wolverine Shot should look…


½ measure Iced Blue Curacao

½ measure Crème de Banane


  • As before you simply layer the spirits on top of each other (in the order listed in the recipe) and down in one!

Arguably the most wild and unpredictable mutant in the X-men, wolverine is known for being a bit of a hot head and not caring much for any trouble he gets in. His method of choice is to fight his way out, even if talking will do.

The thing that makes him an integral member of the team however is his vast array of mutant abilities. His main mutant ability is definitely his most powerful: regeneration (almost instantaneous). Combined with his heightened senses and surgically implanted adamantium, an indestructible metal, he is one of the most ferocious and hardened fighters out there…

#5: The Beast

This cocktail combines some great flavoured spirits but hits you hard if you don't respect it...
This cocktail combines some great flavoured spirits but hits you hard if you don’t respect it…


1 measure Vodka

1 measure Blue Curacao

1 measure Blue Raspberry Sourz

1 measure Peach schnapps

2 measure Lemonade


  • Shake the vodka, blue curacao, blue raspberry sourz and peach schnapps together until the tin is well iced (around 15-20 seconds).
  • Strain into a rocks glass full of crushed ice.
  • Top up with the lemonade and garnish with a wedge of lime…

The group scientist, Beast is a brilliant mind and avid purveyor of thoughts. He can pretty much think his way out of any situation and is the most logical as well as being well respected among the rest of the group.

Beast prides himself on his knowledge and unwavering sense of righteousness, if caught by the authorities he would rather sit and await trial, believing fully that in order for humans to accept mutants, mutants have to accept humans…

#6: The Jubilee

A concept design showing how your Jubilee shot should look when layered!
A concept design showing how your Jubilee shot should look when layered!


½ measure Viniq Liqueur

½ measure Goldschlager

½ measure Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur


  • Pour the Viniq liqueur into a well-chilled tall shot glass.
  • Layer the Goldschlager onto the Viniq (use the back of a bar spoon as already mentioned above).
  • Then, gently layer the Nuvo sparkling liqueur on top of the Goldschalger.
  • Enjoy the show and then knock it back…

Jubilee is the baby of the group, she has arguably the weakest ability of the group but where her abilities lack in strength and power they make up for in subterfuge and diversionary tactics. Often the playing the bait she is both courageous and a little fool-hardy. Jubilee is the apple of Wolverine’s eye and often he will be heard shouting her name before making paper-chains out of her would-be attackers…

This cocktail, like Jubilee, is a little piece of chaos in a cute, rather girly shell. Blending some feminine and novel spirits together to create something both magical and sparkling in the same glass…

#7: The Gambit

A concept design og how your Gambit shot should look when made - the blue shows the iced nature of the drink...
A concept design og how your Gambit shot should look when made – the blue shows the iced nature of the drink…


2tsp well-iced grenadine

½ measure Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

½ measure St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

1 measure Martell VSOP Cognac

1 measure Grey Goose Vodka


  • Pour the grenadine into a tall shot glass.
  • Blend together the Domain De Canton Ginger Liqueur, Cognac and some ice until the mixture is similar to that of a slushy drink.
  • Pour this onto the grenadine, being careful not to mix it into the grenadine.
  • Then blend together the St. Germain, Vodka and more ice. Stop when a ‘slushy’ texture is met.
  • Layer this mixture on top of the rest of the shot and enjoy!

Gambit (or Remy Lebeau) is well renowned for his French accent, New Orleans decent and of course his weakness for a pretty lady… However his mutant ability and general all-around agility makes him an invaluable member of the X-Men team.

Like Gambit, this shooter exudes French class and has an abundance of fragrant flavours and will impress any lady you serve it up to.

#8: The Ice-Man (serves 2)

A concept design of how your Ice-Man shot should look when finished - the light blue shows the iced-nature of the drink...
A concept design of how your Ice-Man shot should look when finished – the light blue shows the iced-nature of the drink…


2 measures Vodka

2 measures Peach Schnapps

2 measures Blue Curacao


  • Blend together the above ingredients and a half blender full of ice.
  • Blend until the drink is hitting a slushy-like consistency and then pour into the well-iced shot glasses,

Bobby Drake (Ice-Man) is a young X-man made famous by the original 3 films and has subsequently been a pretty solid inclusion in future instalments (except for those before his time).

His mutant ability is pretty cool, sorry couldn’t help it, as he can supercool anything he touches and can even expel an ‘ice-beam’ like force from his hands – like a true little wizard.

He is one of the bravest X-Men and plays by the rules. This is shown throughout the films and even in the face of betrayal from his own family he holds no grudge towards them – it’s a pretty forward thinking and stable person who can do that!

This shooter, like Bobby, is well-iced and super cooled. It’s strong, cool and tastes pretty darn good!

#9: The Rogue (Serves 2)

A concept design to show the colour of your Rogue shot when finished...
A concept design to show the colour of your Rogue shot when finished…


1 measure Vodka

1 measure

1 measure Gin

1 measure Tequila

1 measure Rum

1 measure Triple Sec

1 measure Lime Juice

3 measures Cola


  • Shake all the ingredients (except for the cola) together and pour into 2 rock glasses.
  • Top up with the Cola and knock it back…

In the films Rogue was played by Anna Paquin and was kind of a tortured soul. Her ability was somewhat of a curse in her inexperienced hands and there was only so much she could take. However, once trained Rogue was to become one of the most powerful mutants of all time. Her ability to steal other mutants’ abilities is rivalled by no others and in the 90’s cartoon she could fly and even had super-strength (courtesy of a prolonged touching of Ms. Marvel it was revealed).

This shooter, is only loosely a shooter and is modelled on the infamous Long Island Iced-Tea cocktail

#10: The Jean Grey (Phoenix Edition)

A concept of the Phoenix cocktail, by far the hardest and most dangerous cocktail of the lot...
A concept of the Phoenix cocktail, by far the hardest and most dangerous cocktail of the lot…


2tsp 151-proof White Rum

1 measure Green Chartreuse,

1 measure Midori

1 measure Vodka

1 measure Peach Schnapps

1 measure Grenadine


This cocktail consists of 3 carefully constructed parts, and you’ll need a thin Collins glass to serve it properly:

  • For the first part simply blend grenadine and peach schnapps with ice cubes. You want a nice slushy mixture (as stated in above cocktails).
  • Pour this into the pre-chilled glass.
  • Then blend the Midori, Chartreuse & Vodka with ice to create the second, green, layer.

For the final layer you need to have a steady hand and a bar spoon…

  • Layer the 151-proof rum gently on top of the drink so it floats. No ice this time.
  • Finally all you need to do is, very carefully, light the 151-proof rum on fire. Use a splint or extended lighter do not get this on you – safety first folks!

These shooters are perfect for a friendly gathering or themed party and although they match their characters colours well, they mostly match their personalities and abilities too!

The X-Men are a powerful force and trust me, after a couple of these you’ll know why!!!

Miss any of my other superhero cocktail posts? Check out the links below and you decide who or what is your favourite!!!

My Favourite superhero: I Want Spiderman!

The humble beginnings: Avengers Assemble!


Cocktails O’Clock: I WANT SPIDERMAN!!!

“He doesn’t want to be famous? Then I’ll make him infamous” – J. Jonah Jameson

Marvel Themed Cocktails: Spiderman

The soon to be Avenger (rumoured) and his token cocktail…

Spiderman has long been my favourite superhero. I grew up reading the kids comic-magazines, watching the 90’s cartoon (yeah the one where Spidey goes full mutant-spider). This is the first if my themed cocktail post’s and I wanted it to be special. To me the epitome of a superhero is Spiderman. He’s young when he first gets his powers and abuses them somewhat. However through various tragedies he learns the truth behind that famous marvel line “With great power comes great responsibility”. Some say that phrase has since been overused but to me it’s all about a boy becoming a man, a super-heroic man.

So this post needed to be special, and the cocktail needed to be special. So I through caution to the wind and tried to create something perfect for the summer…

Here in the UK we’re having a bit of a torrid time of things, that’s my opinion on it anyway. Whilst everyone loves the lovely skin-crisping heat the summer sun brings and given our position geographically, we tend to end up having a sweat-pouring muggy month or two. The best type of cocktail during summers like these is one pack with ice and flavour. Below is something that, prepared properly, will rock your Spidey-loving world!

This is a ½ & ½ cocktail and will take some preparation. You will need a food processor/smoothie maker/blender to create this cocktail in all its glory…

The Spectacular Spiderman

Combining alcohol with a child favourite: the slushy drink... Genius I believe!
Combining alcohol with a child favourite: the slushy drink… Genius I believe!


Blue half – Blue Margarita:

1.5 measures Tequila

1 measure Blue Curacao,

1 measure Lime Juice

Red half –Red Set Punch:

1.5 measures Grenadine

1.5 measures Raspberry Vodka

1.5 measures White Rum


For the blue margarita half:

  • Blend the Tequila, Blue Curacao & Lime Juice with ice until the mixture is like a slush-drink.
  • Pour this into a tall sling glass, filling it halfway.

For the red set punch half:

  • Blend the grenadine, vodka and rum together with ice until the mixture is like a slushy-drink.
  • Top the sling glass up with the red mixture and garnish with a gummy spider and serve with a straw.

This cocktail is a bit of a blend of two fantastic cocktails. The blue half of the drink is a tweaked margarita cocktail, the tweak being the replacement of the triple sec with blue curacao. Using Blue Curacao instead of the triple sec merely tints the colour an electric blue…

The second half is red and the grenadine is the obvious colour additive here. This mix of Raspberry vodka and rum, combined with the grenadine adds a slightly fruity edge to the top of the drink.

This cocktail, made from two halves, starts off fruity and sweet and is relatively easy on the throat. However the blue section hides the kick and as you progress through the drink you’ll start to taste the blue margarita more and more. This is no coincidence. The drink is built for you to drink from the top to the bottom. You can do the reverse, and the drink will get easier the more you drink – but where’s the fun in that!?

Flip to reverse it... This cocktail works well with either red or blue on top...
Flip to reverse it… This cocktail works well with either red or blue on top…

This cocktail is a great little number for themed cocktail parties or for impressing your friends on a night in…

Until next week, drink well but drink responsibly!!!

Theme of the Month: Marvel – They have a Hulk!!!

This month’s theme: An Introduction…

Theme of the Month: What a Marvel Idea…

The idea behind this new theme system is that it should allow me to write more posts more often. Recent months, for one reason or another, have not been good for my writing. So to help me write, as well as schedule, posts better I’ve decided to restrict myself to a certain theme every month. This means every month you’ll get a post (like this one) that introduces the theme, as well as giving you decent selection of themed cocktails. You’ll also get another 3 or 4 posts spread over the month also themed to that particular topic. Using this month’s theme: Marvel Superheroes as an example; you can expect another 3 or 4 posts showcasing cocktail recipes themed towards a particular Marvel superhero. Depending on the theme, you may also get a few other themed posts about spirits or events. If, for example, the theme is pirates you could be forgiven for thinking a rum brand might get a little piece during that particular month.

Please understand that whilst 90% of the posts from now on will show a connection to that particular month’s theme, I will still continue to post about relevant events, spirit brands and other interesting things I come across.


Why superheroes? Why marvel?

I love cocktails, but I also love superheroes, and I’ve been a child of Marvel from the very beginning of my comic-hood (the first comic I ever read was Spiderman).

So to kick off this whole theme idea I thought starting with superheroes would be perfect. With the recent blockbuster success of Avengers: Age Of Ultron meaning Marvel have kept up their consistent strength-to-strength success of their avengers world films (films like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the soon to be released Ant  Man), I thought it would be a fitting tribute if I gathered up some great Marvel superhero themed drinks; perfect for those silly fancy dress parties or just a good old geeky Marvel film-a-thon. What’s more, these cocktails are all pretty simple to make, all you need is the ingredients.

As a pre-curser to these cocktails please note:

  • Most of ingredients for these cocktails can be found at your local supermarket or corner shop.
  • However some of the harder to find ingredients, like the Viniq or flavoured vodkas, can be found online through various merchants. I’ll leave a few links at the end of the post for those interested in having a look around some of the better sites (please be aware this is only really worth it for UK readers as the sites are UK based).

So let’s begin with some of the cast from one the biggest films of the year: The Avengers: Age of Ultron…

Age of Ultron

  1. The Hulk (From the Tipsy Bartender)
Taken from the Tipsy Bartender, this cocktail packs a delightful, yet refreshing punch...
Taken from the Tipsy Bartender, this cocktail packs a delightful, yet refreshing punch…


1 measure Viniq Vodka Liqueur

½ measure Grape Vodka

½ measure plain Vodka

½ measure Blue Curacao

1 measure Orange Juice

Splash Sprite (Lemon & Lime Soda)

Garnish: Black sugar rim


Purple Half

  • Fill a blender with cubed ice.
  • Add in the Viniq Liqueur, Grape Vodka & Sprite.
  • Blitz until the mixture is the texture of a slushy.

Green Half

  • Fill a blender with cubed ice.
  • Add in the plain vodka, blue curacao & Orange juice.
  • Blitz until the mixture is the texture of a slushy.


  • Combine some granulated sugar with black food colouring and pile onto a plate.

Main Drink

  • Rim a tumbler glass with the black sugar.
  • Fill the tumbler half way with the purple slush.
  • Then top up with the green slush.
  • Garnish with the black sugar rim.

This cocktail is probably the most time intensiveCheck out the Tipsy Bartender for more great cocktails like this Hulk themed one.

  1. Iron Man
This Iron Man cocktail is a gold/red/blue combination inspired by the superhero's armour.
This Iron Man cocktail is a gold/red/blue combination inspired by the superhero’s armour.


1 measure Grenadine

1 measure Drambuie

2 measures Orange Juice

1 measure Scotch whisky


  • Build/layer the ingredients, in order, over ice in a tall Collins glass.
  • Serve with a glowing ice cube if you have one, use two straws either way…
  1. Thor – Shooter
Dropping the shot into a glass is a little like Mjolnir hitting the ground. It will hit hard and fast, but there's something strangely beautiful about it all...
Dropping the shot into a glass is a little like Mjolnir hitting the ground. It will hit hard and fast, but there’s something strangely beautiful about it all…


½ measure Whisky

1 measure Rum

1 measure Vodka

2 measures Orange Juice


  • Stir together the Whisky, Vodka & Rum.
  • Strain into a shot glass and set aside.
  • Pour a glass of orange juice and top it with soda.
  • Serve by dropping the shot glass in the glass of orange juice and enjoy…

Like the immovable Mjolnir itself, this cocktail will thump you like a hammer and then make sure you don’t remember it afterwards. Try sharing this serve with several of your friends, that way no one will think less of you, I promise!

  1. Black Widow
This cocktail, shown here with the bells and whistles, is the only hot cocktail in this post...
This cocktail, shown here with the bells and whistles, is the only hot cocktail in this post…


1 measure Kahlua

1 measure Vodka

2 shots espresso


  • Combine in a glass and stir in.
  • Serve Hot.

The only hot cocktail on this list, the Black Widow tastes amazing but let it and it will make you wish you’d never heard of it…

  1. Hawkeye – Purple Rain
Shown here as a shorter martini version, the Purple rain cocktail has been a classic across 100's of bars for the last few years...
Shown here as a shorter martini version, the Purple rain cocktail has been a classic across 100’s of bars for the last few years…


1.5 measures Vodka

1.5 measures Blue Curacao

3 measures Cranberry Juice

Top up Soda Water (Optional)


  • Build the ingredients over ice in a tall glass.
  • Top up with Soda water and serve with a straw.
  1. Captain America – Frappé
This cocktail is a primarily a shot. But follow the frappe method and you'll end up with something a little like this...
This cocktail is a primarily a shot. But follow the frappe method and you’ll end up with something a little like this…


1 measure Grenadine

1 measure Crème De Cacao

1 measure Blue Curacao


  • Layer the ingredients into a fancy shot glass in the order written above. Handy tip: Use the back of a spoon to slow the liquid down and allow it to settle on top of the previous liquid.

Frappé Method:

  • Fill a tall collins glass 1/3 of the way full with crushed ice and add in the Grenadine.
  • Now fill it another 1/3 with crushed ice and then add the Crème De Cacao.
  • Finally fill to the brim with the crushed ice and then top with the Blue Curacao.

This layered shot is stronger than most cocktails on this list, but not only is it fitting for the theme but it also shows off all that was great about the great Captain America: The United States of America, via their flag of course…

  1. Quicksilver – Kamikaze, Shooter
Sure, it doesnt look like much. But the Kamikaze shooter is some what of a legend around the circuit... Powerful, potent but highly refreshing...
Sure, it doesnt look like much. But the Kamikaze shooter is some what of a legend around the circuit… Powerful, potent but highly refreshing…


1.5 measures Vodka

0.75 measures Triple Sec

0.75 measures Lime Juice


  • Combine all 3 ingredients in a cocktail shaker and add ice.
  • Shake well, for around 10-15 seconds, and then strain into a fancy shot glass.
  • Serve with a slice of lime for a real kicker.

This cocktail is not so much a themed cocktail as it is a fitting cocktail. SPOILERS.

This suits Quicksilver’s character to a tee. Short, fast and it sure does pack a punch when it hits you. Share these out as they taste surprisingly great for a shooter.

Moving forward…

Keep an eye out over the next 3-4 weeks for more marvel superhero themed cocktails right here, on this blog!

This month’s theme is perfect for summer evenings with your mates because the cocktails are bound to be fun, bold and simply delicious!!!

So, regardless of whether you’re a DC or Marvel, suit up and be ready for anything. Enjoy the cocktails, have fun, but most importantly drink responsibly!


Tipsy Bartender: Youtube

TheDrinkShop: Website

Urban Drinks : Website

Viniq Vodka Liqueur: Official Website

Marvel: Official Website

Cocktails O’ Clock: Catalina Margarita

It’s the Fucking Catalina wine mixer…

Recognise this little party?
Picture courtesy of: http://www.seeing-stars.com

Tequila is something I’ve never been able to get my taste buds use to, and that’s probably because all I’ve ever been exposed to is Jose Cuervo and Sauza. Whilst both brands do produce high grade 100% agave tequila, supermarkets sell just sell the cheaper ‘impure’ products (they are cheaper and show better sales – trust me it’s how they think – which is a shame I know).

Recently however there has been somewhat of a boom in the tequila industry, with more and more focus on ‘craft’ and aged ‘pure’ 100% Agave tequilas (especially across the USA). Here in the UK there are plenty of good quality tequila’s available, if you know where to look. Sainsbury’s for one stock a couple of 100% agave brands; El Jimador (Blanco & Reposado) and, along with Waitrose, Aqua Riva (Reposado). Both brands can say they are 100% agave and therefore better for you than those products that are not so.

Fervent Shaker Funny Fact: Due to the purer filtration processes 100% agave tequilas will not result in as bad a hangover as those tequilas that are ‘blended’ (basically any tequila that doesn’t say 100% agave on it). This is because some chemicals (the ones that cause severe hangover symptoms) are reintroduced when the ‘blended’ products are mixed. This does not happen with 100% agave tequila’s as once the chemicals are removed, that’s it, and they’re gone for good. Huzzah.

So moving onto this evening’s cocktail: The Catalina Margarita…

Catalina Margarita:

(42ml) 1 ½ measures Tequila

(28ml) 1 measure Blue Curacao

(28ml) 1 measure Peach Schnapps

(112ml) 4 measures Sour Mix*

The great looking Catalina Margarita, of course the Blue colour is governed by that timeless spirit: Blue Curacao.
Picture courtesy of: http://www.RhodyJoes.com


1)      Combine all the ingredients over ice in a shaker and shake until frosted.

2)      Serve straight (preferable in a chilled Margarita cocktail glass).

3)      Garnish with a lime twist.

Now a famous use of Catalina was the Catalina Wine Mixer…

The Catalina wine mixer is a fictitious event in the film Step Brothers. The film is hilarious, starring Will Ferrell as one of the brothers and he is the host of the wine mixer at the end… This cocktail as far as I can see, whilst not actually based on this reference, would have suited such an event perfectly. Sure it’s not a wine based cocktail, but Margaritas are literally perfect for any event. Keeping the recipe close to the original as possible (although this version is a lot longer than a classic margarita) this cocktail will wash away any shyness you feel at any event. It will help you forget your insecurities at any event you feel you don’t quite belong at. Whether that’s a good thing or not is a decision I will leave to you…

This slightly tweaked version I’ve created has taken its inspiration from the event. Who cares if it isn’t real, it’s the fucking Catalina wine mixer!

Catalina (Wine Mixer) Margarita:

(42ml) 1 ½ measures Tequila

(28ml) 1 measure Blue Curacao

(28ml) 1 measure Peach Schnapps

(56ml) 2 measures Sour Mix*

Top up Sparkling Wine

This version is slightly longer and more of an evening drink compared to it’s sipping counterpart…
Picture courtesy of: http://www.redbookmag.com


1)      As the classic calls for shaking, this one does to; just don’t shake up the wine…

2)      Pour into a chilled margarita cocktail glass.

3)      Top with the Sparkling wine.

4)      Garnish with a lime twist and candied Lemon peel.

This cocktail is a little lighter than the original recipe to make it a faster sipper. This version of the drink can be a little richer in flavour, if you pick a good quality of sparkling wine, but equally lesser so for the same reason…

Fervent Shaker Top Tips: For a really grand version of this drink try using Champagne instead of just any old sparkling wine. Also try using Grapefruit juice as well as Sour mix. If you prefer a still drink, replace the sparkling ingredient with grapefruit juice. You can equally substitute the win for grapefruit soda if you do like your drink carbonated…

*Sour mix is a mixture of lemon juice, lime juice and sugar syrup. See my Jericho Breeze post for the recipe…

Hopefully you like this slightly different take on a great cocktail. And of course another cocktail you can drink whilst watching a film, look at you all sophisticated and that…

Enjoy the drink, and should you want to find the original in its original place try my book of the moment: 365 cocktails, written by Brian Lucas.

Until tomorrow folks! Adios.

Cocktails O’ Clock: Jericho’s Breeze

The apocalypse is fine and all, but I prefer the Ritz…

Here’s to the end of the world… Well part of it anyway…

Here’s one for you: Have you ever seen/heard of the US TV show Jericho? – It’s a program starring Lenny James (The Walking Dead, Snatch), that great British actor with a touch of gold (everything I’ve seen him in has been pretty darn good), and follows the townsfolk of Jericho; No? Well what the hell! Check it out on Netflix or IMDB and find a way of seeing it, you will not be disappointed…

A great show with a fantastic twist, unfortunately cancelled before it’s time, but still a very good watch…

Some of you may have gathered, although I’ve not made a point of it before, when I look for new cocktails to try out, I always try to find ones that can tie into a specific theme.

And this cocktail is not exception to that rule.

True sometimes a classic works wonders, but most of the time I like to theme my cocktail evenings; allowing for a better atmosphere for my friends, and also to make them even more fun (it’s always nice to drink apocalyptic themed cocktails when watching films/TV programs like The Walking Dead, Jericho, The Day After Tomorrow etc…

My process of thought when looking for this cocktail is for an upcoming apocalypse binge. Watching shows as those mentioned above, can really set a certain tense atmosphere in the house, and I feel that coming out with Martini’s or Pina Coladas would ruin it, burst the tensions bubble so to speak, so I like to theme my cocktails to add a deeper sense of theatricality to the evening.

These cocktails are not all my own recipes, it would take me weeks to come up with enough good quality cocktails for my friends, and I respect them enough (well just about enough) to not give them crappy cocktails (a famous genre of cocktails reserved for all those student recipes you thought tasted great but were actually better suited to stripping paint than ladling into your mouths).

So I gathered a few apocalypse-ish cocktails and this one, was really my favourite of the lot. I’ve included a link at the bottom of this post for a couple of god sources but this one, themed only in namesake, is themed towards the aforementioned Jericho TV series… Here’s the recipe (taken from Brian Lucas’ 365 cocktails):

Jericho Breeze Recipe:

(28ml) 1 measure Vodka

(21ml) ¾ measures Blue curacao

(70ml) 2 ½ measures sour mix*

(14ml) ½ measure lime juice

(5-10ml) 2 teaspoons orange juice

Dash sugar syrup

Top up Lemonade

A representation of what your cocktail should look like when completed…
Picture courtesy of “21nogluten.wordpress.com”


1)      Shake all of the ingredients (except the lemonade) over ice and strain into a glass filled with crushed ice.

2)      Top up with the lemonade and garnish with a cherry and pineapple slice.

Whilst not as strong as the more ‘classic’ cocktails this one will certainly make you pay should you ‘neck them without thought. Sure it’s only a measure or two of alcohol, but 3-5 drinks later and you’ll feel them. That said if you drink responsibly then there’s no reason this cannot become one of your favourite sea-breeze type cocktails…

So pour a few out, and enjoy the fruity, light hearted fun with all of your friends…

Sour mix is a mixture of Lemon Juice, Lime Juice and sugar and can be purchased in some places, but is stupidly easy to make at home:

Sour Mix Recipe

(2 parts) 14ml Lemon Juice

(2 parts) 14ml Lime Juice

(1 part) 7ml Sugar Syrup

Stick to this ratio and you should be able to scale up your recipe without any problems. As with all syrups/mixes like this you might find you want more or less sugar/juice, in which case keep working out the kinks and find your perfect balance…

Gear Patrol Apocalyptic Cocktails

The Man Cave Cocktails

Alcohol Apocalypse

Countdown to the Apocalypse

When facing the edge of the world it’s great to have a plan. Failing that it’s always worth having a cocktail as a back up plan. That way you can bow out in style…
“tonight we’ll sail to the edge of the world and watch the stars fall down” – Crown the Empire.

Cocktails O’ Clock: Touch of Venice

A Venetian inspired romantic cocktail, one for all the lovers…

The wonderful Canal in Venezia…
Picture taken from http://www.made-in-italy.com

This cocktail is full of glamour and romance and will add a touch of class to any event where it’s served. Not holding a fancy soiree? Then why not include them whilst cooking for a loved one at home? Or better yet, serve them for friends over a late lunch?

The recipe:

90ml Dry white wine

30ml Limoncello

½ teaspoon Amaretto

½ teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Classy drinks for a classy night… Make them for your loved one, you won’t regret it… Picture courtesy of http://www.FoodNetwork.co.uk


1)      Shake the ingredients over ice in a shaker. Shake for 5 seconds.

2)      Strain the mixture into a large wine goblet.

3)      Garnish with a Lemon zest spiral.

I don’t particularly favour wine cocktails, but as far as they go, this one is rather nice. I prefer mine to come with a bit of a fizz… If you do too, remove 30-40 ml (to your own taste) of white wine and prepare like normal, but top up with a splash of Prosecco.

The best way to serve this cocktail is obviously chilled and prepared as above, but for that added romantic touch, drop in one of the following (use the one that suits your taste and colour):

Parfait Amour: Violet flavour and purple in colour, this will inject a touch of romance into your very own touch of Venice…

Angostura Bitters: For a dash of extreme flavour and a burgundy colour flowing through the drink choose this wonderful ingredient…

Green Chartreuse: Use a ½ teaspoon of chartreuse per glass here, and you’ll witness a slither of green run through you’re drink…

Blue Curacao: Like the parfait amour addition only it’s a lovely river of blue…

Grenadine/Sloe Gin:  This is a slightly fruitier choice, and adds a shade of red to your romantic evening.

Venice is the city of Romance, this cocktail is your little touch…
Picture from http://www.isango.com

The choice is yours! Simply use ½ a teaspoon of the above, or just have it originale…

recipe and cocktail picture taken from The Food Network, pictures borrows from: isango  and made in italy.

4th of July Cocktails – A Cheeky Link


So the problem ive got right now is this:
I have a heavy week at work and pretty much no time to write a post on something i’ve been looking forward to for a whole year.
Last year I was in the process of writing a little plan for the perfect 4th july (USA’s Independence Day -for all you non-Americans reading) party, for the know-nothing Brit.
Ill see if I can get it up in the next few days, but I may have to wait for another year, purely to make it topical.

Either way I could not leave yoi without at least one USA patriotic cocktail so jut in case I do not make it give this ago…

Red, White & Blue shooter…

In a large shot glass layer the following in the following order…

1/4 teaspoon sugar stars*
1 part Well-Iced Blue Curacao
1 part Well-Iced Vodka
1 part Frozen Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.

Top with a sprinkle of edible blue glitter.

For literally 10’s of more USA themed cocktails check out this great website…
Great USA Themed Cocktails

And remember;  however you choose to enjoy one of the best celebrations in America,  drink responsibily. And stay safe. Also make sure you choose a good quality alcohol! Happy 4th July.

Happy 4th July!
Happy 4th July!