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Cocktails at Bar Blue (at the Vinopolis, London Bridge)

There’s nothing depressing about this bar…

If you find London Bridge on any mapping application, and then search ‘cocktail bars’ you’ll have a bit of a job on your hands to separate the tags from one another. However one bar stands out a little: the Vinopolis’ Bar Blue. Whether it’s the unusual reverse of the name giving it a little originality (it’s called ‘Bar Blue’ instead of ‘The Blue Bar’) or the décor easily visible through the floor-ceiling glass walls, it has something that draws you to it.

Its close proximity to ‘Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’ and the ‘Tate Modern’ art galleries not to mention London Bridge (as well as the Blackfriars & millennium bridges) itself obviously help it out, and whilst there are plenty of pubs in the area, it’s the only cocktail bar in the immediate area.

Bar Blue: Within walking distance of the Globe Theatre…

Some bars that similarly draw you in, usually fail to deliver when it comes to a varied cocktail selection, and originality in the cocktails, especially those in my local area in Kent. However Bar Blue does deliver, and it delivers well above the standard I am used to.

Looking at the cocktail menu, especially the ‘favourites’ section, there is an abundance of originality showing that the owners have looked at the cocktails and thought seriously about offering a high quality, varied selection of ‘fruity’ & ‘exotic’ cocktails.

A range of exciting cocktails available for you at Bar Blue…

Whilst the time constraints of other visits only allowed for us to enjoy the one drink, let nothing be taken away from the overall experience, not only was the cocktail consumed one of the best I’ve ever had, I would more than happily visit this bar every time I went out in London. I’ll definitely be heading there when I go back to London Bridge in a few months.

Now, onwards to the cocktail(s) themselves…

The menu itself is well presented, protected with the hard cover and the font is very easy to read. Not only that, but they stock a lot of different spirits, liqueurs & cordials, which they like to show off. This can be seen by looking at the favourites section again; for the 13 different cocktails they have, they use 30+ liqueurs, spirits or cordials/purees. The use of so many ingredients results in a wider selection of cocktails and flavours (using all of the ‘main’ spirits: Tequila, Whisky/Bourbon, vodka, Rum & Gin). The cocktails that stick out (for me) are the Saigon Sling, Almond Breeze and the Warsaw Cooler, all three are slightly longer drinks and contain a healthy mix of sweet and sour and all taste a little exotic; Perfect for those summer evenings chilling out by the Thames (it’s a 30 second walk from the bar’s front door).

A couple of Saigon Sling’s half way through…

Now the only cocktail tried on this trip was the Saigon Sling. The menu has this to say about it:

“Saigon Sling: Bombay Sapphire Gin, Krupnik Honey Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Peychaud’s Bitters & Ginger Ale”

It was simple, yet full of flavour, and although the top up of ginger ale was not excessive, it balanced with the rest of the drink extremely well. As you can see from the picture below they went down rather well. It is this sort of drink I believe will take London (and hopefully other cities/towns) by storm this summer, refreshing drinks bursting with flavour.

Now I don’t often rate a venue like this but, in all honesty, I don’t get to go to bars like this often. With its contemporary and spacious design, this bar is perfect for an afternoon/early evening drink with your friends. Whether you prefer Beer, Wine or their extensive collection of cocktails/champagne then this is the place for you and your friends. If you’re ever in the area of London Bridge then I highly recommend checking it out.

The Bar at Bar Blue, very contemporary, and very well stocked…


Décor: 8/10

Minimalist interior is perfect for lunchtime business meetings and early evening drinks with a few friends, but it might struggle upon an evening to fit a large number of people in. Overall a great looking bar with a great terraced area showcasing their large range of Spirits & Liqueurs.

Service: 9/10

Fantastic service from a friendly and helpful member of staff, and knew how to make the cocktail off the top of his head…

Drinks Selection: 10/10

As if their menu wasn’t extensive enough, they even offer to make cocktails not on their menu, not a lot of places offer that these days…

Drinks Ordered: 9/10

The drink we ordered, it was agreed, was amazing. It was perfect for the stuffy London weather, refreshing enough to help chill us out, but packing enough kick to let you savour the alcohol used. The only thing holding the score back is that Beefeater Gin was used instead of Bombay sapphire and this probably changed the drinks overall flavour a little. Otherwise it was perfect.

Overall Score: 9/10 – Amazing! You should go, and take your friends too!!

This is by far one of the best bars I’ve ever been to, not to mention its part of a famous visitor’s attraction: Vinopolis. The drinks were perfect and the place was fantastic to just sit and chill and it’s now the first ‘Best of London Bars’ on this blog. Again I strongly recommend checking them out!

For more information about this venue, including offers and other news please check out their Facebook page, website and twitter feed via the links below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cantina-Vinopolis-and-Bar-Blue/84763028147?fref=ts

Twitter:  @VinopolisLondon, https://twitter.com/VinopolisLondon

Website: http://www.barbluevinopolis.com/