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Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder…

Hallucinations, and fairies… That was the old stories anyway 😛
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The green fairy, a hallucinogenic of epic proportions, the gateway to terror and abysmal behaviour! – These are some of the phrases that have been used to describe the notorious spirit that is Absinthe…

Now there are a lot of myths and legends about this rather odd spirit, some of which are true, but most of which are false and pure hearsay.

But what’s true and how do you know what to expect should you ever encounter it?

Well one thing is for certain: It’s Strong stuff! Most of the brands available in the UK are around 50-70% on average, but here’s the thing; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it responsibly!

Absinthe is a wonderful spirit with a rather notorious history, most of which was a result of the post-prohibition backlash, when the spirit was a little ‘rough’ around the edges…

La Fee: The classic Parisienne Absinthe…

Basically Absinthe is a misunderstood spirit of high quality, great taste and an undervalued part of the cocktail world…

Here are some links to help you better understand Absinthe, some myth busters and of course some Absinthe cocktails!

Enjoy 😀

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