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Cocktails O’ Clock: Inspired by…


Santiago, Capital City of Chile, in all its glory…

So then how to carry on my inspired by cocktails… I last posted a lovely South American Cocktail, and it seems fitting to continue with another one. This time from Chile!

Serena Libre


1 measure Pisco

3 measures Papaya Juice

1 teaspoon Caster sugar (to taste)

The Gleming Orange colour of this drink really draws you in…


  1. Shake all the ingredients over ice and strain into a well-chilled martini glass.

Similar to various other forms of cocktails (Caipirinha and sours come to mind) this one in particular uses a rather unorthodox spirit in Pisco, and combines it with some local produce to provide us all with one of the best fruity cocktails I’ve had in a long time…

Shaking these ingredients is the best form of mixing this cocktail, but I must say that you get much smoother results from using Agave Syrup or Sugar syrup. Either way it makes the drink a tad smoother, not to mention adding more flavour (especially if you use Agave).

And there you go, a Chilean cocktail using Chilean ingredients and mixed in the Chilean way.

Thumbs up! Thanks to

Now here’s a bit for all you avid readers: a little bit of advice on Papaya and how to source and prepare it should you care about the authenticity of the drink…

Nothing says Chile like Chilean Papaya Juice with Pisco and should you add a dash of sugar to that mixture you end up with one of the best Chilean cocktails out there: The Serena Libre.

Combining a small amount of sugar with a 3:1 ratio of fresh papaya juice to Pisco creates a seriously refreshing and tasty cocktail that would suit a menu in almost any beach bar you could think of. But here at the Fervent Shaker Co. we don’t have a beach bar so how do we prepare this stunning cocktail? Here let us tell you a secret…


The main thing to remember here is that whilst the cocktail recipe specifically calls for Chilean Papaya Juice, you do have room for a spot of cheating when it comes to the Papaya Juice: You will be hard pressed to find genuine Chilean papaya here in the UK so you have to use what you can find, but take heart from the fact that Sainsbury’s source their papayas from Brazil & Ecuador for certain parts of the year (they also source from Ghana & Jamaica at other times); so whilst you cannot always be sure of Chilean Papaya, you can sometimes get Brazilian/Ecuadorian papayas (and that means South America – which helps), although any good quality papaya will suffice.

Yellow all over (outside) and deep red on the inside – that’s when you know they’re good!

Dont Skimp on quality; when it comes to the quality of the fruit remember one thing: You want flavour. And you usually have to pay for that flavour. The dirt cheap ‘basic-value’ range of fruit simply will not do. Go for the supermarket standard or top brand (Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference or Tesco’s finest are good examples).

Think about your budget; Papaya Juice is best used if juiced from whole fruits, although that can be expensive so we personally recommend getting fruit juice for better value.

But overall always remember; if you are looking to be as authentic as possible then try looking out for when your supermarket/farm shop sells fresh papaya and check where they’re from and then following this juicing guide and enjoy super-fresh Papaya Juice (certainly not from concentrate)…


I have no idea about Papaya availability for you Americans/Rest of the world readers – so please feel free to comment below and share with others.

Cocktails O’Clock: Rum Runner


This Old Rum Runner was not so lucky, courtesy of the http://www.USCG.Mil

I haven’t posted a rum cocktail for a little while now, and it’s a shame really as I do rather love a good old rum cocktail. So I thought why not do one today? After all we could do with a little tropical rum kick, especially with the weather we’re getting here in the UK right now (not to mention how you Americans have had it recently – oh and not to mention all those not fortunate to live on a tropical island!).

Anyway the Rum Runner is a small cocktail sized portion of a rum punch, tweaked in ways to better suit it to the smaller vessel of a highball glass…


25ml light rum

25ml dark rum

1 small lime, juiced

15ml sugar syrup

150ml fresh pineapple juice

Here are a couple of Rum runners a bit luckier than the last one…


  1. Shake all of the ingredients vigourously over ice.
  2. Strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice.
  3. Garnish with a pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry.

So there you go a tropical drink with a bit of a rum kick.

This cocktail has several tweaks available, some of the best I’ll note down below, but as always you should prepare this drink how best suits your tastes. I always use a small lime, but some of you might prefer more lime juice (or less! – just use ½ lime instead for a good scale back).

Fervent Shaker Top Tweaks:

–          Instead of sugar syrup (its pretty bad for you) try Agave Nectar or a mild runny honey. Or even make your own Demerara sugar syrup.

–          Try a dark rum float. Sure it says shake them all, but for a bigger rum hit at the end of your drink; shake everything up EXCEPT the dark rum and then float it on top of the cocktail at the end. It will make the drink taste very different indeed.

–          Why not try using a different combination of rums? Instead of the white & Dark combo, try either white with gold, or gold with dark. The former results in a lighter taste.


And finally, a link to a blogger who also enjoys the odd Rum Runner:

rum runner
Rum Runner in the USA! courtesy of:

Inspiration is a fine thing – 2 Cocktails by Jamie Boudreau…

I’ve been watching cocktail videos on YouTube since before I can remember, with great shows like Robert Hess’ cocktail spirit and Charlotte Voisey’s proper pour, it’s hard to keep a track of the great cocktails you uncover.

However I saw a few episodes of Jamie Boudreau’s ‘Raising the bar’ YouTube series and a couple of cocktails really stuck out; the ‘Evergreen Swizzle’ and ‘Wallingford’. They stood out for several reasons but mainly these drinks are refreshing and perfect for recreating at cocktails parties you may or may not have planned…

Jamie Boudreau has long been a hero of mine, with his own bar; the Canon Bar in Seattle which he supposedly stained and decorated with 3 cases of Angostura Bitters back in 2011, and these videos are of two of my favourite recipes from his show.

Jamie Boudreau doing what Jamie Boudreau does…

The first recipe is a cocktail I’ve seen many a time, mainly all through the video link I’m supplying below, but also through trying it out a couple of times. It’s rather odd, it’s a strong drink, but the ice does exactly what he says it will…

The second is a little more on par with the London cocktail week posts I’m currently working on… During the week I went to a whisky seminar with a guest speaker called Gaz Regan (a true cocktail legend) and he has his own bitters spread across most American bars. The second recipe includes a dash or two of Regan’s orange bitters, a wonderful product but hard to get in this country at this time, unfortunately, but something to help tie this post into other on the way.

So what about the recipes I hear you shout well here they are (along with the links to their respective YouTube videos – in the form of links).

Evergreen Swizzle

1 ½ measure Edinburgh Gin

½ measure Pine Liqueur

½ measure Yellow Chartreuse

½ measure fresh Lime Juice

½ measure Sugar Syrup

Great Gin = Great drink.

Method: Shake all ingredients over ice and then pour into a glass filled with crushed ice and swizzle well.

Check out the YouTube Video here.


1 ½ measures Martin Miller Gin

¾ measures Kina L’Avion D’Or

¼ measure Dry Curacao

A great combination of spirit, aperitif and liqueur following Jamie’s ‘Golden Ratio’…


1)      Stir all the ingredients well over cubed ice.

2)      Squeeze a grapefruit peel over the glass and wipe the rim of the glass and finally drop it in.

3)      Pour in the drink and enjoy.

Check out Jamie’s video here.

I do hope you like the recipes, they’re a little stronger than the usual but the flavour combinations are pretty darn awesome! Try them out and let me know what you think about them…

The Zombies are coming… And they are carrying Hangovers…

Yes Halloween is over, and yes I know you’re probably getting over your hangover as we speak but bear with me here and I guarantee this post will make your afternoon/evening/day/weekend.

Everyone knows that hangovers are caused primarily by dehydration as alcohol is a diuretic and can have that effect but also by the chemicals found in darker alcohols.

Free advice: Hangovers suffered after drinking just clear alcohol (Gin/Vodka etc.) is felt less* than one suffered after drinking just darker spirits (Dark rum/brandy etc.).

Now I won’t tell you that hair of the dog is a good idea, because it is not. It will make you feel a little better in the short term but only as it prolongs the hangover (yes, it makes you drunker quicker than normal). The best way to treat a hangover is to replace the nutrients you lost through urinating. Now the first thing to do is a have a nice relaxing shower and maybe a drink of water and feel clean and ready for your day, then follow that up with a light breakfast that includes fruit juice. Something like oats/multigrain cereal work well. As for the juices; go for orange, apple, cranberry and any ‘super-food’ or ‘super-berry’ juice (things like berry/soft fruit smoothies, blueberries etc.) as they replace the nutrients and minerals you need. If you feel like cheating find a

Free Advice: I love a good smoothie, making them fresh is brilliant but any premade product (like innocent/supermarket brands) will also work just as well.

So where am I going with this post I hear you shout, well listen to this: Cocktails don’t have to contain alcohol. Sure they taste better with some, but there is a whole library of ‘Mocktails’ out there that can help you out on a hung-over Sunday morning/afternoon.

Here are some of the best:

The All Rounder


100ml Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

250ml Apple juice

100ml Peach Puree

10g Fresh Ginger, sliced/cubed

150ml Cranberry Juice

1 apple, 1 orange (peeled & seeded), 1 Banana*, handful of fresh berries (to taste).


1)      Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

2)      Serve straight away and enjoy with a grapefruit and some brown sugar.

This concoction is one of my very own recipes and includes some orchard fruits, which are always a handful when blending, which can be removed if you keep the juice. The fruits help boost your nutrient intake, and the ginger helps your body cope with any ethanol left in your system. The orange juice is a natural source of Vitamin C which is always handy, but can be removed if necessary.

This smoothie is not going to set the world on fire, but it is a pretty good all-rounder, perfect for batch making and has enough of everything you need for a fruit filled breakfast boost.


The Super Fruit


100g Blueberries

100g Raspberries

4 hulled, Strawberries

100ml Mango Juice

100ml Pomegranate Juice

200ml Milk

2 tablespoons honey


1)      Blend all of the ingredients until smooth.

2)      Pour into a glass and enjoy with some blueberries as garnish.

This Smoothie is all about helping you ‘be all you can be’. The fruits used are considered ‘super’ for their health boosting properties, not to mention the boost in nutrients and high calcium content of the milk. This is perfect for those who prefer milkshakes to juice smoothies.


Ultimate Hangover Buster, courtesy of ‘hip & healthy

330ml Cocoa Coconut water

1 Banana*

1 Kiwi fruit

1/3 Pineapple


1)      Chop up and blend until smooth.

2)      Serve straight away and enjoy.

Courtesy of Hip & Healthy this ultimate hangover buster contains the main nutrient lost due to alcohol ingestion:  Potassium. Almost all of the ingredients used in this drink contain high levels of the mineral, which means your body gets a huge boost to help you combat the hangover symptoms. The fruit juice contains high amounts of naturally occurring water easing that banging headache of yours and the nausea, well that should go once your body starts to break down the fruits.

The perfect choice for the morning after a heavy night! Make a few of these up in advance and store in the fridge and you’ll be the super-hero of the hangover curing world.


Fruit & Tea


3 tablespoons water

1 green tea-bag

2 teaspoons Honey

200g Frozen Blueberries

½ Banana*

180ml Vanilla Soya Milk

Super fruit + Green Tea = A very good start to the morning after…


1)      Boil the teabag for 3 minutes in a small glass/mug of water.

2)      Remove the teabag and add the honey and stir until dissolved.

3)      Allow to cool.

4)      Combine the berries, milk, banana, tea in a blender and blend (some blenders have a ‘crush-ice’ setting – use this, failing that use the highest setting).

5)      Blend until smooth, and pour into serving glasses.

For the more sophisticated hangover, this recipe is more across the board than the previous 2 recipes, but it does its job very well. Mixing the healthy green tea with the original super-food blueberries and a potassium pumped banana this recipe will have you up and about in no time.

Time consuming and best served fresh on the day, this recipe is probably the one that will have you working the most for the pay off, but it is ultimately worth the effort. The flavour combinations are surprisingly tasty, the nutrient boost is fantastic and the fact that this recipe is a little different (due to the tea) makes it something worth trying at least once. Again it is very easy to scale up for guests.

Berry & Almond

250ml Almond Milk

1 banana

65-80g mixed berries (try using forest fruits here, including blueberries & blackberries)

½ teaspoon Cinnamon

½ teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Attractive and fruity this smoothie will pick you right up…


1)      Blend all the ingredients until smooth.

2)      Serve in rocks glasses.

This recipe is for those of you who are Lactose intolerant. Utilising a relatively new product on our UK shelves; Almond Milk, this recipe also combines a warming cinnamon with the fragrant vanilla and mixed forest fruits. High in healthy nutrients and high in Calcium (not to mention the rather different flavour) this recipe is great for settling your stomach early in the morning and having instead of a bowl of cereal.

Studio 72 House Smoothie

1 Kiwi,

½ Lime,

75g mixed berries (include blueberries)*,

50g Acai berry,

100g pineapple chunks,

250ml water


1)      Blend all of the ingredients until smooth.

2)      Serve in a tall ice filled glass.

This is also one of my own recipes and it’s more of an afternoon smoothie. A mix of potassium high fruits, nutrient rich berries and the super Acai berry this recipe will both quench your thirst and boost your body’s system and help pep you up a bit.

It might seem silly to put an afternoon recipe in here but if you combine it with any of the other morning recipes then you’ll find your hangover not only goes quicker but you’ll feel much better long into the night.

Free Advice: please be aware that some people are allergic to bananas, oranges, strawberries etc. so make sure you ask before making these drinks. All these drinks are mixable without the relevant allergens, just substitute in fruits the person of note is able to eat.

So there you have 6 hangover helpers that will make the difference to a wasted day and a quick recovery. Sure they might not work instantly, but the point is to rehydrate and replace lost nutrients. Experiment with the fruit you have at home, with milk or water, and even use vegetables if you like. Chin up and get on with your day!

So after a few too many daiquiri’s and Martinis fill your morning with fresh fruit smoothies and light, energy boosting foods and you’ll be ready by lunchtime!

Drink well and prosper folks!

Links to websites used:

Hip & Healthy

Lifestyle 1

Lifestyle 2



Halloween Special: The best of the rest…

Huge Pumpkins, now the cocktails to match…

I planned on bringing you 5+ of my very own creations this Halloween week, but due to work commitments (my day job) I haven’t had as much time as I thought when I planned that.

So rather than let you down by not bringing you those cocktails, I’ve decided to make up for it by supplying literally 100’s of Halloween themed cocktails…

But not through direct recipes, part of this of this blog is to help up the popularity of cocktails and the best way to do this is by sharing the best sites…

And are the best Halloween Cocktails, courtesy of the best sites I’ve found:

Brit & Co.

Cocktails About.Com

13 to die for halloween cocktails

27 Halloween Cocktails

7 more Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails by food & wine

Creepy Halloween Cocktails by the Food Network

The BBC’s Halloween Cocktails

London Cocktail Week – A drinkers thought’s


I’ve just jumped of the tube at Covent Garden, naively thinking it was the best choice being the closest to where I had to go. Everything was good, people were in high spirits, well as high as they can be sitting on the tube. After disembarking I had two choices…

1)      Wait with the large crowds for a lift,

2)      Or, Take the stairs.

I didn’t see the point of waiting for the second lift and being crammed into a sardine can so I took the ‘easy’ way out. It wasn’t until I was in the current of people already pushing their way up the stairs that I read a message that made my heart sink:

covent garden

Or course it was too late as by then I’d commited myself to the program. Now I’m not the fittest person in the world, but 1/3 or the way up and I passed a couple of older walkers, obviously in too deep so I used that as incentive to keep going and not turn back (if they weren’t turning back I’ll be damned if I was). It wasn’t until about ½ way up I started to feel it, a slight tingling in my thighs, which turned into an intense burn around 2/3’s of the way up. Then every step felt like 10, with people having the same problem stopping more frequently. The only people that seemed to keep on was me and a group of Italian girls. As we got to the top we were sharing moans and groans about how painful it was and eventually made it, laughing together before making our own way onwards.

Anyway this was a bit of a tiring way to start the day, but an otherwise exhilarating one and needless to say on the way back down I took the lift…

Greeting’s from the London Cocktail Week team!

I’d been waiting for a while for this day now, having booked 2 events;

1)      Gaz’s Historical Tour (at the Monkey Shoulder DIY Kitchen)

2)      Discover Sipsmith, a tour of their distillery

These events will have separate posts, both coming soon. In the meantime the day as a whole was good fun. The collection of ‘pop up’ bars and ‘push bike’ bars creating a very Wild West style vibe across both Monmouth & Earlham Street. The two most noteworthy were the Fever Tree and Disaronno Sour stations. The former offering Tanqueray G&T’s as well as tasters of their brands various carbonated drinks (including Ginger Beer, Classic Tonic water & Elderflower Tonic). I don’t like Tonic water at all, excluding in a G&T of course, but there was something special about the elderflower tonic that was obviously an occurrence of the Elderflower adding a sweet tint to the otherwise dry tonic.

Definitely something to look at with further cocktails and posts and one of which will deal exclusively with Fever Tree as an overall company (including their products compared to other similar ones), however for the meantime let it be said that this was one of the better pop-ups on the day.

The other, Disaronno’s  stand, was serving freshly mixed Disaronno Sours to anyone with a LCW wristband. The Sour is the cocktail of the moment for Disaronno, with them spending a lot of time try to promote it, alongside Disaronno’s use in cocktails (which is a good idea seeing as it is perfect for such a use).

The drink itself is strange, an enigma if you will, combining lemon juice with the liqueurs almond flavour as well as sugar should result in an odd and almost unpleasant taste one might be mistaken for thinking but the fact is that it actually tastes rather nice. The lemon juice adding a little acidity to the sweet flavours of the liqueur and sugar with the almond holding its own and supplying enough of a hit to let you know it’s alcoholic without it being painful.

A rather nice afternoon, but then it was time for the first event Gaz’s Historical Tour; a 90 minute seminar on the history of Whisky cocktails through the ages (courtesy of Monkey Shoulder).

When I saw this I thought “Gaz Regan? No, cant be!” but it was, in all his glory, the great and legendary Gary Regan. He’s been an icon ever since I started reading about cocktail culture and learning about recipes and where they came from (as well as how they came about). And to finally meet him, in the flesh, well that was something special…

And there were no disappointments, he was just as hilarious and eccentric as one would expect and was very welcoming to the 15 or so people in the group (including me). After introductions were made, including with the Monkey Shoulder brand ambassador; Grant Neave, who was fantastically insightful and also extremely welcoming, the talk ensued…

Starting with a sampling of Monkey Shoulder itself and an introduction to their first cocktail on the list: The Athol Brose (a middle aged brew of whisky, water, honey & oats) and culminating with the Debonair; this talk was very educational.

I’m the first person to admit I’m not the biggest fan of whisky, in any form – Including its cocktail counterparts, but I went to this event for two reasons:

1)      To meet the great Gaz Regan (Mission Completed).

2)      To learn about both monkey shoulder and whisky in general (both straight and cocktail forms) (Mission Completed).

Overall the event was great value for just £15 I got an extended (it started late but lasted longer than billed) introduction to monkey shoulder and a fantastic tour of the most important whisky cocktails through the ages. Overall a great event and topped off perfectly with a handshake from both Gaz Regan himself and the brilliant Grant Neave. Awesome afternoon!

Next time on the Fervent Shaker LCW special: Discover Sipsmith – A Gin of epic proportions and historical significance… 

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder…

Hallucinations, and fairies… That was the old stories anyway 😛
Picture courtesy of:

The green fairy, a hallucinogenic of epic proportions, the gateway to terror and abysmal behaviour! – These are some of the phrases that have been used to describe the notorious spirit that is Absinthe…

Now there are a lot of myths and legends about this rather odd spirit, some of which are true, but most of which are false and pure hearsay.

But what’s true and how do you know what to expect should you ever encounter it?

Well one thing is for certain: It’s Strong stuff! Most of the brands available in the UK are around 50-70% on average, but here’s the thing; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it responsibly!

Absinthe is a wonderful spirit with a rather notorious history, most of which was a result of the post-prohibition backlash, when the spirit was a little ‘rough’ around the edges…

La Fee: The classic Parisienne Absinthe…

Basically Absinthe is a misunderstood spirit of high quality, great taste and an undervalued part of the cocktail world…

Here are some links to help you better understand Absinthe, some myth busters and of course some Absinthe cocktails!

Enjoy 😀

Myth Busting

Cocktails: Rub of the Green

La Fee: The whole truth and nothing but the truth

Cocktails O’ Clock: The Flame of Love

This cocktail is a twist on a Martini and probably one of the most elegant cocktails you’ll ever see/make/taste.

Rather than regurgitate what Charlotte Voisey says in her video, I thought it best just to share the video in this post. Plus it adds a splash of variety, you don’t have to read my drivel for once 😉 – I shall be using a few of these videos, by the various barkeeps ‘SSN‘ use in their videos…

Made by Charlotte Voisey (a barkeep from the USA) this cocktail is all about elegance, Watch her video (on youtube via the small screen network) and revel in both the beauty of this drink and the lady making it…

Hope you enjoy this cocktail as much as I do. Perfect for those late night Soiree’s with you and a few friends…

Flame of Love:

2 measures Good quality Vodka
1/2 measure Good quality Sherry

– Combine in a mixing glass, fill with cracked ice and stir well, until the drink is chilled.
– lace the glass with the oils of 2 orange peels.
– Then pour the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass and flame an orange peel over the glass and place it in the drink.
– Enjoy with friends.

NFL Special – The Vikings VS The Bears

I’m writing this as the Bears lead the Vikings 24-21 (Half Time)

Recently i’ve been doing a daily post at around 5pm (GMT) of cocktails i like/love. I’ve decided to change it up a bit…

This is mainly because over the next 2 weeks (as well as the past week) i’m working as much as possible to help me pay for London Cocktail Week (London, UK). But also because i think it’s time to introduce some more things, links, picture and so forth.

Hopefully all you guys (readers) will enjoy the refreshment whilst I work as hard as I can now, so that in 3-5 weeks time i can bring you lots of juicy posts about my exploits during the LCW, and various photo-shoots for my upcoming cocktail book.

So here, inspired by tonights NFL game i’m watching whilst typing are 32 cocktails themed for the NFL, for your favourite teams… Especially for you Americans!

32 Cocktails for your NFL party…

And if that’s not enough? Then try out these classic Nort American cocktails:

The Dark N’ Stormy, Recipe:

2oz/50ml Goslings Dark Navy Seal Rum

Top up Goslings Ginger Ale

Garnish: Lime Wedge


In an ice filled glass pour in the ginger ale and then float the rum on top. Drop in the lime (squeeze it in if you like a bit of zing) and stir well.

dark n stormy
Layered to perfection…
Picture Courtesy of:

The Screwdriver, Recipe:

2oz/50ml Vodka

Top up Fresh (NFC) Orange Juice

Garnish: Orange slice


Pour in the vodka, over ice, and then top up with the orange juice. Stir well and drop in the orange slice.

Simple, Elegant and perfect with your afternoon games…
Picture courtesy of:

Product of the month, September: Wild Hibiscus

Elegant and Beautiful, class in a glass...
Elegant and Beautiful, class in a glass…

Wild hibiscus, whether you’ve experienced it or not, is probably one of the most elegant additions you can supply to a cocktail…

With their vivid red/burgundy colours and stunning petal work, Hibiscus Flowers, fresh or preserved are stunning to look at and will capture the focus of any avid customer/drinker.

And the best thing about them is they can be bought by anyone. You don’t have to be a bartender at a top bar, or a scientist stuck in a mixology lab, Hibiscus flowers are a garnish/ingredient anyone can buy and use. However, and here is the catch, you have to know when to use them and with what alcohol (especially when making cocktails).

There are not just flowers on the market either as you can purchase hibiscus flavoured sugar syrups, sodas and even sorbets.

These ingredients will all add a flavour enhancement to your cocktails, but the flowers are what we will be focusing on, as they are the most dramatic and stunning of garnishes you could wish for…

Most commonly used as an elegant addition to any glass of champagne, Wild Hibiscus flowers can make any champagne cocktail look that little more vivid. They’re even edible which makes them the perfect garnish in my mind.

After perusing the official website of Wild Hibiscus, the company who make and sell the flowers in syrup (the ones you’ll want for your cocktails) it is apparent that not only is this an elegant product but also the company is somewhat elegantly run. Family owned and the sole distributor of their flowers to 30 countries worldwide (including here in the UK, and over the other side of the pond in both the USA and Canada). Their brand ambassador, Canadian Mixologist Danielle Tatarin, distributes them across Canada and has helped create some of the magical cocktail found on the website I mentioned earlier.

The links I refer to in this blog can be found at the end of this blog, including a few extra links for further reading. Until then why not try out these 3 great cocktail recipes I love to use the flowers in…

1)      Adam & Eve Martini


2 measures Vodka

3 measures apple puree

1 measure wild hibiscus syrup

Garnish: A skewered, cherry & stuffed Hibiscus flower

Shouting class at your face with every sip...
Shouting class at your face with every sip…


1)      Shake all the ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled Martini cocktail glass.

2)      Garnish with the stuffed hibiscus flower.

2)      Inaugural Cheer


½ measure Hibiscus Syrup

¼ measure freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 measure Hypnotiq Liqueur

Top up Champagne

Garnish: Wild Hibiscus Flower

created by Danielle Tatarin for Obama's inauguration...
created by Danielle Tatarin for Obama’s inauguration…


1)      Place the Flower upright in the bottom of a champagne flute.

2)      Mix the syrup and lemon juice together and pour over the flower.

3)      Add crushed ice on top of the flower and syrup.

4)      Gently pour in the Hypnotiq Liqueur

5)      Top up with the champagne.

3)      Wild Hibiscus Daiquiri


3 measures Havana Club 3yo

1 measure fresh lime juice

1 measure Wild Hibiscus Syrup

Garnish: Hibiscus Flower & lime wheel

Daiquiri: Class using Hibiscus & Rum... Shut up and take my money...
Daiquiri: Class using Hibiscus & Rum… Shut up and take my money…


1)      Place the flower upright in a martini glass.

2)      Shaker ingredients over ice vigorously for around 10 seconds.

3)      Strain into the glass and garnish further with a lime wheel on the glasses rim.

All these cocktails and further information on both the flowers and mixologist Danielle Tatarin can be found through the following links:

Wild Hibiscus Official Site

Danielle Tatarin’s Blog

Meet your Mixologist: Danielle Tatarin