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Cocktails O’ Clock: Inspired by…


Santiago, Capital City of Chile, in all its glory…

So then how to carry on my inspired by cocktails… I last posted a lovely South American Cocktail, and it seems fitting to continue with another one. This time from Chile!

Serena Libre


1 measure Pisco

3 measures Papaya Juice

1 teaspoon Caster sugar (to taste)

The Gleming Orange colour of this drink really draws you in…


  1. Shake all the ingredients over ice and strain into a well-chilled martini glass.

Similar to various other forms of cocktails (Caipirinha and sours come to mind) this one in particular uses a rather unorthodox spirit in Pisco, and combines it with some local produce to provide us all with one of the best fruity cocktails I’ve had in a long time…

Shaking these ingredients is the best form of mixing this cocktail, but I must say that you get much smoother results from using Agave Syrup or Sugar syrup. Either way it makes the drink a tad smoother, not to mention adding more flavour (especially if you use Agave).

And there you go, a Chilean cocktail using Chilean ingredients and mixed in the Chilean way.

Thumbs up! Thanks to

Now here’s a bit for all you avid readers: a little bit of advice on Papaya and how to source and prepare it should you care about the authenticity of the drink…

Nothing says Chile like Chilean Papaya Juice with Pisco and should you add a dash of sugar to that mixture you end up with one of the best Chilean cocktails out there: The Serena Libre.

Combining a small amount of sugar with a 3:1 ratio of fresh papaya juice to Pisco creates a seriously refreshing and tasty cocktail that would suit a menu in almost any beach bar you could think of. But here at the Fervent Shaker Co. we don’t have a beach bar so how do we prepare this stunning cocktail? Here let us tell you a secret…


The main thing to remember here is that whilst the cocktail recipe specifically calls for Chilean Papaya Juice, you do have room for a spot of cheating when it comes to the Papaya Juice: You will be hard pressed to find genuine Chilean papaya here in the UK so you have to use what you can find, but take heart from the fact that Sainsbury’s source their papayas from Brazil & Ecuador for certain parts of the year (they also source from Ghana & Jamaica at other times); so whilst you cannot always be sure of Chilean Papaya, you can sometimes get Brazilian/Ecuadorian papayas (and that means South America – which helps), although any good quality papaya will suffice.

Yellow all over (outside) and deep red on the inside – that’s when you know they’re good!

Dont Skimp on quality; when it comes to the quality of the fruit remember one thing: You want flavour. And you usually have to pay for that flavour. The dirt cheap ‘basic-value’ range of fruit simply will not do. Go for the supermarket standard or top brand (Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference or Tesco’s finest are good examples).

Think about your budget; Papaya Juice is best used if juiced from whole fruits, although that can be expensive so we personally recommend getting fruit juice for better value.

But overall always remember; if you are looking to be as authentic as possible then try looking out for when your supermarket/farm shop sells fresh papaya and check where they’re from and then following this juicing guide and enjoy super-fresh Papaya Juice (certainly not from concentrate)…


I have no idea about Papaya availability for you Americans/Rest of the world readers – so please feel free to comment below and share with others.

Cocktails O’Clock: Inspired by…


High above the favelas, this drink comes all the way from Brazil…

Caipirinha de Tangarina


½ very sweet Tangerine

50ml Cachaca

1 or 2 Teaspoons Demerara Sugar (to taste)

With the bright orange hue and sweet tangerine flavour; this drink is a great addition to any cocktail party…


  1. Peel the tangerine and place in a chilled rocks glass.
  2. Sprinkle over the sugar and muddle gently until the sugar dissolves
  3. Add crushed ice and pour in the Cachaca.
  4. Stir well and top up with crushed ice.
  5. Garnish with a tangerine segment and serve with a straw.

This cocktail is based on a traditional Brazilian Caipirinha, which is a great cocktail, but the tangerine twist makes this already fantastic drink a little more special.

I know what you’re thinking; “lies, this drink is too good to tweak” well, I dare you to try it! Pick the sweetest tangerine you can find and don’t be afraid to chuck in a few extra pieces for added zing.

Although this drink is a tweaked Caipirinha, it holds its own in both taste and the look; taking on a stunning orange hue courtesy of the fruit.

Cocktails O’Clock: Inspired by…

Beijing, China

Brilliant by day, stunning by night: Beijing, China

I first came across this recipe a few months ago, back when I was researching champagne cocktails for my Champagne Cocktails post. This was one of the ‘best of the rest’ that, after trying again recently, I just have to share with you all…

The big difference is in the fruit chosen; Lychee in the place of peach and, as with the bulk of Cocktails that include the little alien-looking fruit, it does indeed include a garnish using the fruit…

The Beijing Bellini


1 measure Lychee Liqueur

1 Skinned, but whole, Lychee

Top up Sainsbury’s TTD Prosecco Conegliano

beijing bellini
Drop in the Lychee for that added oriental feel…


  1. Drop the Lychee in the Chilled Champagne Flute and cover with the Lychee Liqueur.
  2. Fill with the Prosecco.

This drink is both light and fruity, with the lychee giving an almost oriental feel to the otherwise European wine (a handy tip to make this a real oriental cocktail through and through is to try and find yourself some actual Asian sparkling wine (which might be difficult) as the taste improvement would be well worth it…

Cocktails O’Clock: Inspired by… France (#1)

The French Blonde


½ measure St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

1 measure Dry Gin

2 measures Lillet Blanc

2 measures fresh grapefruit juice

3 Dashes Lemon Bitters

A Perfect French Cocktail…


  1. Using an ice filled shaker, shake together all the ingredients for about 30 seconds (or until the shaker is iced).
  2. Strain it into a Martini glass and garnish with a twist grapefruit peel.

This cocktail is a great way to introduce France to both you and your cocktails; Using 2 of Frances well known spirits/liqueurs, this cocktail oozes class and all the subtlety the French are famous for…

Combining the sweet and fragrant St. Germain and Lillet Blanc with the tartness of the Grapefruit; this cocktail is well balanced and even emits a rather subtle juniper taste on the palate (from the gin).

Try this cocktail out at home and experiment with different grapefruits (I find golden & pink grapefruits work the best, but it’s all down to your palate).

Cocktails O’ Clock: Inspired By… Germany…

Apple Strudel


1 ½ measures Vodka

½ measure Krupnik honey liqueur

½ measure Blackberry Coulis/Puree

1 dash Vanilla (flavoured) Syrup

2 measures Apple Juice

Top Up Champagne

Bubbly & Fruity, this cocktail is perfect for Christmas parties…


  1. Shake all the ingredients together over cubed ice. Shake well until the shaker has iced.
  2. Pour into a large Collins glass and top with champagne/sparkling wine.

This cocktail should taste like that classic German dessert: Apple Strudel. Sweet and fruity with the Champagne adding a bubbly and light feel to the heavy sugary taste.

This drink is improved significantly with a rimmed glass. Try using a Cinnamon & Sugar mix and dusting the glasses rim. This should add a little heat to the drink as well as adding a traditional Christmas twist to the drink…

Cocktails O’clock: Inspired by…

Jersey City, U.S.A.

jersey city

The Jersey Sour


50ml Calvados (Apple Brandy)

25ml Fresh Lemon Juice (roughly ½ lemon squeezed)

1 teaspoon Sugar

½ egg white (optional)

Drop in a Cherry for some added colour…


–          In a shaker, combine the Calvados, lemon juice sugar and egg white (optional).

–          Add in a healthy measure of cubed ice and shake well for about 15-30 seconds.

–          Double strain into a well-chilled rocks glass and garnish with an apple slice.

I love a good sour, and to be honest I’ve had some really nice ones using all sorts of alcohol. As one of my other posts stated a sour is not only a single cocktail but a whole genre of cocktails. All you do is replace the base spirit with your preferred one.

This sour however, is one I’ve not yet had the pleasure of trying. Not yet anyway.

Made like Brandy only with Apples. Crisp, refreshing and a little different…

I’ll be purchasing my first bottle of Calvados just after Christmas and this will be the first cocktail I’ll be trying it in (without the egg white). There’s something about a good Apple Brandy that I think I will love, I just hope I’m right. In the meanwhile this cocktail recipe should allow any Calvados owners out there to have a go and, if you’re kind enough, let me know what your thoughts are.