Return of the Fervent Shaker

im back

Ok so I admit I’ve not written out a decent enough post for this site for many months (The fact that the last post is about Cinco De Mayo scares me far too much!). I have however been writing posts so i do have some coming up that should entertain and impart at least some knowledge onto you.

So here’s a quick rundown on what I’ve been working on the last few months and what you can look forward to in the next year or so…

So first let me explain: I have a new job. It’s with the same company as before (an unnamed supermarket) but a completely different department; which means new skills, new things to remember and absolutely nothing of my boring, mind numbingly dull previous position. I’m starting my training in around 3 weeks so i may go a little quiet (again i know!) for about 2-4 weeks but I’ll have 3 days off per week and hopefully that should allow me to at least update with some pictures and/or recipes for you all to try.

Second: I’ve been working on my Science Fiction Novel and my Cocktail books. These are nowhere near done but i did start spending a lot of time working out what i wanted in the cocktail books (recipe wise) and also spent a heavy amount of spare time on the Sci-Fi novel.
The decision I’ve come to is to start up a Sci-Fi specific blog which will have all sorts of short stories, reviews, poetry with the eventual aim of getting some guest bloggers (mainly friends) to write some items for it.

Anyway back to the alcohol:
Finally the huge news is that I’m now also a contributor for a fantastic website: SlowStruck, on which i write posts very similar to the ones found on this site. They’re exclusive to SlowStruck for at least a month an then I’ll post them on here (with links back to the original source). I’d love for you to keep checking out this blog, but I’d also love for you to check out the SlowStruck website as it has all sorts of great posts all focused on taking life slow and making time to enjoy everything to its fullest.

So what can you expect in the near future from this blog?

Well several things, mainly new & hopefully intriguing posts about all things cocktails (nothing new there then!) as well as some spirit specific posts (I should have one about Sipsmith coming up very soon!).
The main thing i’ll be sharing with you all are the posts i’ve already done with SlowStruck and as stated above these will have links back to the site so you can all check it out if you wanted.

Basically I just want to say thank-you to both long time followers and newbies! As always I encourage comments & feedback so please feel free to look through my posts and leave your thoughts and comments 🙂

The first post i’ll be sharing is on one in keeping with recent events and also one of Scotlands oldest cocktails: The Atholl Brose. That’ll be up within the week! Take care Shakers!

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