Cocktails O’Clock: Inspired by…

Beijing, China

Brilliant by day, stunning by night: Beijing, China

I first came across this recipe a few months ago, back when I was researching champagne cocktails for my Champagne Cocktails post. This was one of the ‘best of the rest’ that, after trying again recently, I just have to share with you all…

The big difference is in the fruit chosen; Lychee in the place of peach and, as with the bulk of Cocktails that include the little alien-looking fruit, it does indeed include a garnish using the fruit…

The Beijing Bellini


1 measure Lychee Liqueur

1 Skinned, but whole, Lychee

Top up Sainsbury’s TTD Prosecco Conegliano

beijing bellini
Drop in the Lychee for that added oriental feel…


  1. Drop the Lychee in the Chilled Champagne Flute and cover with the Lychee Liqueur.
  2. Fill with the Prosecco.

This drink is both light and fruity, with the lychee giving an almost oriental feel to the otherwise European wine (a handy tip to make this a real oriental cocktail through and through is to try and find yourself some actual Asian sparkling wine (which might be difficult) as the taste improvement would be well worth it…

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