Whisky Wednesday: The Algonquin Cocktail…

Whisky, leave the bottle, and some pineapple juice, er, for my friend…


It’s Wednesday, and therefore whisky day here at the Fervent Shaker Co. I’m not a huge whisky drinker, but I do occasionally dip my feet in to try new things out. This section of the post, exclusive to Wednesdays, will be all about whisky cocktails and the joy they supply millions of drinkers around the world… I’ve already covered the Ward 8 & the Whisky Sour so I thought I’d try something a little different and in keeping with the band wagon, it is a choice inspired by GTA (Algonquin is a place I always used to drive around in previous GTA games). So here is the tropically sweetened Whisky cocktail ‘The Algonquin Cocktail’

The history of the drink, like most true classic cocktails, is rich and rather interesting (as well as partly questionable – aren’t they all?) and something I do not know enough about to go into any great detail. However here is an article on the cocktail (also the original source of the picture used) to help with that issue… Should be an issue you want to fix.

Now for the classic recipe that has remained almost entirely untouched in over half a century (apparently on its name alone, if you believe the stories)…

Algonquin Recipe:

1.5 measures Rye Whisky

¾ measures dry vermouth

¾ measures pineapple juice

Pineapple Juice: Bringing tropical sweetness to whisky cocktails since, well, forever!


1)      Combine all the ingredients over ice in a shaker and shake until the tin ices over.

2)      Strain into a martini style cocktail glass and garnish with a lime twist.

This section is all about a great spirit: Whisky. And this cocktail is a great way to open up the Whisky Wednesday posts. It begins with a large slug of rye, combined with dry vermouth (your favourite, of course) and then there’s a final touch of pineapple juice, just to calm the whisky’s raw power.

The best thing to remember when preparing this cocktail is to keep the glass cold. Serving this drink in a cold glass is essential, especially if you wish to experience the improvement the flavours gain as it warms naturally… When cold, the pineapple juice is not tasted as the whisky is a too overpowering, however as it warms the pineapple juice works its magic; mellowing the whisky by adding a tropical sweetness (that really helps heighten this drinks overall taste).

Fervent Shaker Top Tip: Using a quality rye whisky is an important step in this cocktail. It does taste different with scotch and bourbon whiskies and this should be noted in the choice of whisky used in the recipe… My preferred brand is Sazerac Rye, although any whisky you have should work as long as it’s a Rye Whisky…

Also a final note is that I prefer to garnish mine with a lime twist, even though most recipes say not to use one. I think it adds a dash of that lime aroma when you take a sip that helps the non-whisky drinker relate a bit better. Pompous nonsense you may say, but it sure helped me!

Until we meet again you lovely people (I haven’t forgotten about that dessert cocktail special, I’ve just been working too hard in my day job to dedicate enough time to it, expect it to appear in the next 2 weeks – patience my dear fellows!).

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