Rainy Days: A cocktail for one, and all…

When it rains, it pours, here are a few cocktails to make the best of it…
Picture courtesy of: thenationalstudent.com

It seems like the summer is over, what with all this rain and cold weather and all. So what better to do when the weather hits you like this than to pour out a cocktail, sit back and enjoy what nature throws at you…

Here are 5 of the best to get you started, with some links to help you out for other ideas…

1)      Purple Rain (Gin)


1.5m Gin

6m Cranberry Juice

½ teaspoon Blue Curacao

½ teaspoon sweet & sour mix

Dash Soda Water.

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Not quite the cocktail you’ll get at your local weatherspoons…
Picture courtesy of: http://www.adifferentforest.com


1)      Pour the gin into an ice filled glass and top up with the cranberry juice.

2)      Then add in the other ingredients and stir.

3)      Add another teaspoon if the drink is not purple enough…

This cocktail is a student favourite, and for good reason. Whilst this recipe may not be the one you’ll have had at your local weatherspoons, it will taste better and be cheaper than their recipe to make at home.

Grab a few friends, a few of these and watch some shooting stars. It’s not the most traditional night you’ll ever have, but it’ll be one of the more chilled ones you’ll ever have…

Fervent Shaker Top Tip: Dark N’ Stormy cocktails partner this purple rain recipe brilliantly, and are perfect for chilling out at night with…

2)       Rainy Day Marley


1.5m Vodka

1.5m Triple Sec

1.5m Malibu Coconut Rum

Top up Orange Juice

The ultimate rainy day cocktail… The Marley…


1)      Build in an ice-filled highball, stirring as you do.

2)      Top up with the Orange Juice and garnish with an orange wedge.

This cocktail is a little bit of a twist on a classic screwdriver, combining the triple sec for a sweet citrus kick (reinforced by the Orange Juice) and a good measure and a half of Malibu for a tropical hit. The coconut works rather well with the orange juice, and supplies the big exotic hit that makes this drink work so well…

Fervent Shaker Top Tip: This is probably one of the best rainy day cocktails I’ve tried. It’s perfect for sitting on the porch and just enjoying a good autumn evening, storm or no (although a good old thunderstorm, or sunset, makes things more interesting).

3)      Spiced Screwdriver


50ml Cinnamon Vodka

Cinnamon stick

Top up orange juice

A Screwdriver, with a twist…
Picture courtesy of: theberry.com


1)      Pour the vodka into an ice filled glass.

2)      Top up with the Orange Juice and stir well.

3)      Garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange wedge.

Using cinnamon flavoured vodka instead of plain vodka gives this Screwdriver a hidden spice that is sure to warm your socks when all those around you are soggy…

Fervent Shaker Top Tip: a dash of ground cinnamon in the drink and as a garnish on the glass’ rim is a great way to support the cinnamon spice this drink carries and perfect for a late autumn warmer…

4)      Apple Business


2 measures Gin

1 measure Apple Juice

½ measure Fresh Lime Juice

½ measure Honey

A sweet and juicy apple-gin hit. Yes please.
Picture courtesy of: liquor.com


1)      Shake all of the ingredients over ice.

2)      Strain into an ice filled rocks glass.

3)      Garnish with an apple slice.

This is a short but sweet gin heavy cocktail that is perfect for those autumn evenings where you just need to chill out and let go of the world. It’s not so strong it turns your lip, and neither is it too sweet. A perfect combination of Apple and Gin, with a dash of Honey & Lime…

Fervent Shaker Top Tip: Sweet apple work well here, but experiment with any in season at the time you make the drink, and as always use freshly squeezed lime juice. This cocktail is usually made using Nolet’s silver gin; but if you cannot find this brand anywhere, any good quality Gin will work just as well.

5)      Hot Sultry Zoe


1 measure Tequila

½ measure Galliano

5 measures Hot Chocolate

2 measures Cream

An indulgent cocktail, mixing chocolate, cream and of course; alcohol…


1)      In a mug or Irish coffee glass combine the tequila, Galliano and hot chocolate.

2)      Then, over the back of a spoon, pour in the cream (it should settle on top of the drink).

This cocktail is more for the end of autumn, as the nights start turning colder and windier. Its warm chocolate feeling is enhanced with the tequila and sweetened with the vanilla liqueur (Galliano) and the cream just gives the drink a hearty rich taste perfect for keeping warm. This cocktail is perfect for a night-cap and again work well for porch drinks with your mates.

Fervent Shaker Top Tip: Chocolate was originally a gift from Mexico, like Tequila (which is still only made in Mexico) and to honour this why not find some quality dark chocolate (Any bars from Central America are good) and melt some into the cream. This will add a further richness and make it more extravagant than it already is!


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  1. That SPiced Screwdriver looks great for Christmas morning! I’m starting a new pinterest page. 😉

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