How to Hypnotise

I’ve been working a lot recently so have not had the time to work up some great cocktails for you all… However that does not mean i cannot share with you someone elses blog post… This is a great post about a liqueur known as ‘Hypnotiq’ … Give it a read and check out some of the cocktails… Hopefully i’ll have some regular posts back up soon! Until next time happy drinkers!

Things that Fizz & Stuff

Catching up on the blogs that I follow, I was browsing through the latest from The Fervent Shaker, when I spotted something new; Hpnotiq Liqueur. You’ll see why I have coloured it blue…

hpnotiq1_2There is also a purple Hpnotiq Harmonie.

So, I was off to the great god google and found the homepage and some interesting cocktails apart from the one on the link above…

  • Glam Bomb
  • Berry Creamsicle
  • Hypnotiq Upside Down Cake
  • Sprinkle-tini
  • Hypnotiq cupcake Shot
  • Harmonie cupcake Shot
  • Put a Ring on it
  • Stiletto Sangria
  • Bling it on
  • Bubbles & Blue

You can find the recipes on Hynotiq homepage

hpnotiqharmonieHPNOTIQ Harmonie

The newest addition to our Girls Night Out crew, Harmonie is a refreshing blend of Premium French Vodka, Infused Natural Fruits and a Touch of Cognac.

HPNOTIQ Original

A Refreshing Blend of Premium French Vodka, Exotic Fruit Juices, and a Touch of Cognac.

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