The Fizz Cocktail – A myth, a legend, but they do live among us…

The fizz cocktail is a famous cocktail, a famous cocktail you may never have heard of…

Club Soda has long been used to infuse some fizzy-ness into all drinks, not just cocktails.

It does sound like a contradiction but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Back in the classic days of traditional cocktails (think back to the 1890’s & early 1900’s) the fizz cocktail was a law unto its own. Like the sour all it required were some simple ingredients and the addition of alcohol.

The fizz cocktail contained: Lemon juice, soda water, and an alcohol of your choice. That’s it, a simple yet very effective way to get rather drunk, rather quickly.

However as the years go on, we have created more intriguing and ingenious concoctions that still class as a fizz cocktail. As long as it has the soda, lemon juice and alcohol, whose to argue?! …

In the next few days i’ll be posting a top 10 of my favourite Fizz cocktails, from the classic gin fizz served in your local bar, to the world famous Ramos Fizz of the New Orleans based Roosevelt.

This post is a precursor to introduce you to one of the cocktails on that list, but in a way that will get you thinking enough to appreciate why my top 10 is slightly different to those you might get from other people. Whether they be bartender, expert or self proclaimed leaders of the rebellion. The top 10 I post is strictly reflective of my tastes and why I think they are the best fizz’s you’ll find…

So in the meantime let me introduce you to one of those on the list to come…

The Sidecar Fizz.

The following link will take you to the website i used for the recipe included in my next blog. This website will introduce you to one of the best cocktails ever created. It’s classy, robust and perfect for any formal event. Whether it be a wedding reception or a cocktail party for a few friends. Check it out, make a few up and just enjoy a few of them.

But remember whatever you do, please enjoy them responsibly.

The Fervent Shaker.

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