A slight cheat; A link to another article about booze!

I was reading around this afernoon, looking for a quirky little piece to blog about when this beauty popped up on my screen (not literally i have good spam protection! The pop up reference in this case is a poor metaphor – which i refuse to change).

Anyway, it’s a little bit of a ‘what to mix with what’ article, but it’s written in a very alluring way… for example heres a paragraph about my favourite spirit, RUM:

Cocktail Matchmaking

“Rum and lime enjoy true, undying love, never to be parted, but rum plays around on the side with brandy, bringing a wild funkiness to that spirit’s smoothness. At the same time, lime has a little thing going on with…”

To read more and for other great alcoholic articles have a look here: http://www.Liquor.com.

8 thoughts on “A slight cheat; A link to another article about booze!”

  1. Checked that site, what a difficult site to navigate. I wonder if the reference to limes is really for green lemons. It’s a mistake that appears on many, actually most American blogs; the Caribbean and South America have green lemons, they are not limes, limes are much sweeter and do not do real justice to rum and cachaça…


    1. Haha that again! I agree, it must be an american thing, although Havana Club swear by the rum and lime (and i much prefer limes with my rum than lemons). Maybe it’s our taste-buds or something? American’s are all descended from the Irish (primarily) and they love Guiness so what can you do? 😛

      I agree with lemons and Cachaca though, the limes just don’t work as well. As for the taste of the lemons, maybe the green species of lemon you talk about are slightly sweeter than our ‘commercial’ lemons, and therefore the limes work better? – Just a thought 🙂

  2. As a decidedly NON-Irish American, I can tell you:
    When I say “lime,” I mean “Key Lime” or “West Indian Lime”… not “Green Lemon” nor “Persian Lime.” …but I may be the exception.

    1. I do think that as a region, the americas (all 3 – north, central & south), you probably have the weather for a wider range of fruit species. For example, I know that here in the UK suprmarkets we can only get hayward kiwi fruit (as we have to import). Where as strawberries, when in season, can be sold in 10’s of varieties. Its probably just a case of what’s available as well as the miscommunication, if any.

      The cocktails may have been changed for the preferred tastes. Still I enjoy a caipirinha with lemons or limes. Regardless of the species/type 🙂

      Do you have mich of a choice of limes over there? (Sorry about the cheap shot about the heritage) 😛

      1. Ha! If I was in the American Northeast, you’d likely have been right about the heritage.

        For lime choices: our markets usually carry Bearse or Persian… which is to say: two variants of the the same lime. Persian/Bearse limes out here are very bitter. Key or West Indian are bittersweet here.
        I’m lucky, I have a Key Lime tree in my front yard. Always guaranteed of a good G&T at my place!

        We do get a good selection of lemons, though. Meyer (sweet), Eureka (tart), Variegated Pink (sweet & tart), and Bush Lemon (sour).

        …but I’m in California. I imagine only Texas, the Carolinas, and Florida have my choices and variety of lemons available.

      2. Ahh so you dont get as much variety as I assumed! I assumed that you’d see a slightly wider range with the distance on solid land. Obviously not 😛

        Ahh so do you have favourite species for differemt drinks? Obviously the bitterness in lemons is a big thing but anything you can share?

        Also on a personal note, can I ask about kiwi fruit? I know California is one of, if not ‘the’, biggest growers in the world of kiwi fruit. Do you get a wide variety out there? Im looking for a better variety than Hayward 🙂

  3. I don’t mix drinks with Persian limes unless I’m forced to. Although, the bitterness works well in a Classic Mai Tai. For the lemons, yeah… I use them differently. I mostly use Meyer & Bush Lemons in mixed drinks. If I want that classic lemon smack (say for a Whiskey Sour or a French 75) I’ll use Bush Lemon. For more subtle lemony applications (like a Bramble, a Bloody Mary, or an Aviation Cocktail), I’ll go with a Meyer Lemon.
    Really wanna mess with someone? Put variegated lemon in their Vodka Tonic.

    As for Kiwis, at the supermarkets, it’s all “fuzzy” kiwis: Hayward or Saanichton. Honestly, I don’t think California is a big Kiwi producer. Citrus trees, grapes, walnuts, tomatoes, artichokes and avocados are EVERYWHERE, but I haven’t seen a kiwi vine out here.

    1. DARN. How embarrassing is this? I was looking at an article and the USA is like 9th. Italy, New Zealand (obviously), and Chile are the top 3… I saw California and just assumed it would be the best place for them in the USA. OH how i shall hang my head in shame 😦 …

      Although at least you get 2 varieties of kiwi, albeit they’re both fuzzy. i think its the golden fruit that is the slightly sweeter and better quality variety (although it has a shorter shelf life – hence the lack of them on our supermarket shelves)…
      variegated lemons you say? Intriguing 😀

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