A 3 course meal: Of Cocktails!!! – My new blog expansion…

In a new extension of my blog I thought I’d highlight the experimental nature of cocktails…

Cocktails, by nature, were created by experiments carried out by those famous bartenders/bar owners across the world (think about don the beachcomber and trader Vic – most of you should have heard of them).

Serving cocktails in the form of a food menu…

This part of my blog will look at cocktails across the board, not exclusively well-known but also not just cocktails you have never heard of. I will set them out as 3/5/7 cocktails per menu, looking at a food style course serving.

For example:

A 3 course menu could look like this:

Starter: The first course would be a savoury cocktail that incorporates a great flavour combination, expect to find more refined ‘longer’ drinks in this course.

Example cocktail: Bloody Mary

A great cocktail, perfect for a starter…


Main Course: This course would have more to it, but generally it will be a more ‘straight’ cocktail. Think your Tonic’s, cobblers, fizzes and slammers

Example cocktail: Red Hot Chilli Martini

This coctail is perfect for the main course, it’s strong, packs a kick but is refined enough for a ‘fine-dining’ main course…

Dessert: Typically this will be a sweet and/or creamy cocktail. Think long island iced teas, sex on the beaches, daiquiris and cream liqueur based cocktails. The point of this course is for the cocktails to be sweet, fun and a brilliant way to end the ‘meal’.

Example cocktail: Strawberry Shortcake Pina Colada

A sweet and creamy cocktail, a perfect representative for the dessert course…

Hopefully this will be a fun and interesting way to look at cocktails and something you can look at and maybe learn something new about cocktails, and how to fully appreciate them…

It’s a journey, one we can all share, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

As always, please do leave feedback either here (below) or on my Facebook page (see link on the home page). Also if there are cocktails you would like me to use in this type of post, feel free to leave them in a message either here or on Facebook. You could even tweet me if you really want to! 

What do you think?

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