Product of the month – March – Agave Nectar

The Good Food Company Agave Nectar Mild Organic Natural Sweetener 250ml

This Agave Fruit based nectar is perfect for those of you hating the highs and lows you get from sugar. Not only that, but its perfect as a substitute for sugar/sugar syrup in any cocktail that has those ingredients. I.e. Mojito’s, Long Island Iced Tea’s etc.

This Nectar is made from the Blue Webber Agave Plant in Mexico. Which means if you use it in any mexican themed food or drink (obviously in place of any sugar in the recipe) not only do you keep the sweetness the original sugar would have supplied, but it deepens the mexican flavour a little.

Worth buying if you have a little extra to spend one week.

Why not give it a go and see what you can come up with?

Available at all good supermarkets, here’s the link for the best place locally (Thanet, Kent, UK) to get a hold of it:

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