The Bucks Fizz Wallbanger

Bucks Fizz Wallbanger
A visual representation of the ‘Bucks Fizz Wallbanger’ and two of its main ingredients: Galliano & Prosecco…

Bucks Fizz Wallbanger  drink                                                    


–          50ml Vodka

–          25ml Galliano

–          100ml Orange juice

–          Top up with ‘Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Prosecco Conegliano’


Over ice, combine the vodka & Galliano.

Add the orange juice.

Top up with prosecco just before serving.


This was the definitely the most well received cocktail pitcher of the night. The recipe I made up on the night kept to the above measurement ratios (OJ 4: Vodka 2: Galliano 1). The Prosecco was used to top up the drink once served and made up around 20-25% of the finished drink volume. This was mostly to stretch out the Prosecco as there were more people in attendance than i knew about! Stil it went down well and I have several comments saying how nice the drink was and how interesting it was to see it made – it went down much better than the Mojitos, I think maybe due to its simplicity.

In total it was created more than once, which is a clear indication that it was the favourite as the others only managed interest enough for one pitcher. The Juice itself whilst not of the best quality did its job and meant the vanilla mixed well enough so as not to overpower the prosecco, but just add the slightest hint of flavour. Overall it’s the one I’m most proud of, and quite obviously the one that went down the best.

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