Kir Royale Mojito

This cocktail recipe and review is based on the one used for the latest event i catered for. It shows the amounts of the ingredients suitable for a 1 person serving (unless otherwise stated). The full blog of the event can be found on my main page when it’s posted 🙂

Kir Royale Mojito 

a visual representation of the Kir Royale Mojito including two of the main ingredients: cassis & prosecco
a visual representation of the Kir Royale Mojito including two of the main ingredients: cassis & prosecco



–          60ml White Rum

–          25ml cassis

–          25ml sugar syrup

–          ½ lime (quartered)

–          6-8 mint leaves

–          Top up with Italian prosecco


Muddle the mint, lime quarters and sugar syrup in a glass.

Add the rum, stir.

Add the Cassis & Orange slices.

Add the ice, stir again.

Top up with prosecco just before serving.


This drink encapsulates everything I wanted to try at the event at which it debuted, Its simple, classy, tastes great and anyone can make it. The idea behind this drink evolved from a simple Mojito with lemonade (instead of soda water) to a combination of two great cocktails. The Kir Royale is a champagne based cocktail with Cassis added for sweetness and flavour (as well as the alluring colour). Combining the royale & mojito was as simple a step as I could think off. It’s a very sweet mojito mix sure, but the dryness that comes from the Italian sparkling wine (Prosecco) balances this. I wanted to create some simple cocktails for an event, but cocktails that exhumed class. In name and appearance at least, but most of all they needed to taste good. Granted the blackcurrant does not fold easily in with the mint and lime, but if you know how to balance the amounts of the latter two ingredients, it’s a simple case of trial and error (until you find your personal preference).

Of the 3 Sparkling Wine cocktail pitchers created for the event, this was probably the classiest, but at the same time, not the most liked (unfortunately). It was apparent on the night that the combination of the blackcurrant and mint, in most cases was not to the individuals taste.

For the other half of the group, they just couldn’t understand what the mint was doing in the drink – even after I explained that its integral to a classic Mojito mix – I think overall the parties attendants were a little too disinterested in the recipes and more interested in just drinking them. Shame as this really restricted the outcome for myself (to try and get some feedback and thoughts on the cocktails and how they’re made).


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